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From the Father’s Heart

Everything that we do in marriage is a seed. It is what you sow into your marriage that you are going to reap from it. So, you can decide to start sowing good seeds and investing in your marriage.

Today in our ministry, without fear of contradiction, any member of our church or partner or friend of our ministry will testify that my wife is a blessing to this ministry. I’ve sown seeds, and today she’s an asset to me in the call God has given me. She’s a blessing to me. When we took some of our friends to our own personal house, one of them said, “You know I love you and your wife, the power of a woman standing in agreement with the husband to see that what you decide materializes is not quantifiable.” At the same time, I have seen a man that told his wife in my presence that he thought they shouldn’t have more than three children, but his wife said she wanted one more. The man insisted they would not have more than three children, but today, they have that extra child because the woman did not follow the man’s words. What you sow into your marriage is what you are going to reap in your life, in your assignment, and that is what your children will have in the future.

Some of the ancestral problems you are battling were the seeds sown in the marriages of your forebears and became things their children inherited. I have pastored people that never planned to have a divorce, but they came from a home that has been divorced, and that force begins to push them further apart from each other and towards divorce. They will require super-human effort to break from the past and move into a fresh future. Some people have seeds that have been sown in their past that are responsible for their behaviour; they can’t even help themselves against it, but God is going to separate you from every negative flow of your past in the name of Jesus. Often times when I teach about marriage, I envy people that are still single. I envy them because if I knew what I knew today, I would have run a faster race.

What are you sowing into your marriage? How are you investing in your spouse? When my wife was in school, she would take her pocket money and give it to my mother for my own contribution to my mother’s upkeep. People didn’t know that. When our ministry was nothing, when it didn’t look like I was going to make it, when people were mocking and standing against us, she was the one that stayed. I was at Ilesha, and she was at Ibadan. She would cook for me and bring it to me in Ilesha. She was sowing into her future. Today, I have seen women that keep complaining about what their husbands are not doing for them. You should know that what you are putting into it is what you will get. You can’t get away with violating the law of sowing and reaping.

However, it is not too late to start sowing the right things into your marriage, such as submission, honour and respect for your husband. It is not late to start sowing appreciation to your wife; start sowing the right seeds, seeds of sacrifice into the union and into each other, doing things that will make each other better because soon the harvest season will come. And then, when the harvest season comes, nobody will blame the devil. Nobody will blame another person because it is what you sow that you will reap.

As I end this charge, I want to encourage you to make a quality decision so that you will have the best marriage that you can! I trust that you were auditing your compliance with all these words. You may need to make up your mind to start afresh. Have a conversation with your spouse and commit to beginning anew; it’s not late to start investing in each other and sowing good seeds.

May the Lord add new wine to your marriage, and may your marriage be one of those God can be proud of on earth–a tag team that completely fulfils the purpose of God. It is well with you and your marriage!

Till next time,

Go and win with Jesus.

God’s Servant, Rev Olusola Areogun

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