The Amazing Power of Prayer and Fasting Day01

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2024 Annual Prayer and Fasting / Prayer / Prayers

The Amazing Power of Prayer and Fasting Day01


Prayer Points, Declarations & Instructions


Ministering Rev Olusola Areogun

Major Prayer Points

  • Luke 17:12-19: Thank God for past mercies and for what He has done this year. Bring your thanks offering before Him.


  • God will break the hold of the enemy, blindfolding people. You will know what the enemy is trying to hide from you.
  • No matter what is happening, if you make it to the first day of this prayer and fasting, you will make it all the way.
  • It’s going to be a divine invasion of the high places, the deep places, and the hidden places of the enemy. In the lives of people, in your life and different things.
  • A time to break new ground for individuals and ministries.
  • For those that things have been taken from, it’s time they will pursue, overtake, and recover all.
  • New authority levels to function and do things you couldn’t have done before. (A watchman ministry over the land and the nation we are in as a group, And also a watchman ministry over your family).
  • You will begin to see cycles of 40. 40 hours, 40 days, 40 weeks, 40 months… A divine cycle that will overtake the demonic cycle.
  • What God spoke to Mummy:
    • Per second healing!
    • Per second success!
    • Per second life!
    • Glory out of shame!
    • Per second discerning!
    • Per second accuracy!
  • These 40 days, anything can happen from God that is good!
  • These 40 days, God will visit people, and your results will be out of this world.
  • This process will last for 40 years. Your children will participate in the process of the divine. Get it right!
  • A divine process that cannot be reversed. Of restorations, of release from prison, of return of every demonic exchange. A divine process that nothing of man and hell can stop has started tonight, and he will complete it. You can only increase the rate!


  • Take Ephesians 3:20 over whatever you are believing for or praying, personally or corporately.
  • Find a reason to thank God each day.
  • Some of you will get special instruction. That is the key. Write it down. Carry it out.


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