The Amazing Power of Prayer and Fasting Day02

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2024 Annual Prayer and Fasting / Prayer / Prayers

The Amazing Power of Prayer and Fasting Day02


Prayer Points, Declarations & Instructions


Major Prayer Points                       

  • I will not be replaced in the program of God for my life. Everything with my name on it, nobody else will do it because of my carelessness; I will not be replaced due to any carelessness on my part.


  • Blessings will abound! 2024 – Abounding Blessings! Abounding Blessings for the Faithful.
  • Daddy praying
    • Let this word be a spirit of grace on these people.
    • That is what you have placed their names on; nobody will do what God called you to do.
    • The seed you are supposed to do for your seed’s seed, you will do it well.
    • You will not miss your time.
    • This will be a sensitive anointing upon your spirit.
    • lay your hands on your head and pray in the Holy Ghost
    • For some of you, promotion will come because of this word.
  • NO VACANCY! Let that be your testimony. SAY NO VACANCY!


  • Whenever it looks like something is not happening for you, look for somebody to bless them.
  • Never let somebody else do what God planned for you to do! Do not let somebody else do your duty in Zion! Don’t ever let your duty post be empty in Zion!
  • These corporate prayers do not replace your personal prayer time. Make sure you have time to spend time with God, a personal prayer time of at least one hour.
  • You can decide to read the New Testament. Study a particular subject in the Bible. Fasting boosts whatever you do in the spirit.


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