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God built the capacity to love in the woman; even the Bible talks about it (2 Sam. 1:26).

A woman truly has love to offer man, but it is a sacred thing put in your being to build a home that will, in turn, build God’s kingdom.

Your love is not to be thrown around foolishly such that it is smeared on your face, or you are taken for granted by men who do not fear God. Don’t let your “love tap” encapsulated in your heart be channelled in the wrong direction where it will be taken, eaten, thrown down and trampled under your feet, leaving you empty, wounded, frustrated, dejected, rejected, with little or no self-esteem, and ready to push yourself on any jelly-livered man who shows interest. You do not have to put yourself in such a mess; you can guard your heart (Pro. 4:23).

How will you guard your emotions and “love tap”?

Do not fall in love before you perceive who is right for you from God. Do not open the “love tap” for one who will waste you. Do not open your thighs for a man you have no MARRIAGE COVENANT with. Your emotions will become ensnared! Disallow sex before marriage. YES, YOU CAN! Do not ever think a man sleeping with you is a sign of love. Love is not equal to sex; sex is not equal to love. Sex in marriage is a part of expressing love, an act of being one and a demonstration of a mixed life IN MARRIAGE.

Sexual acts like kissing, petting, caressing, smooching, oral sex, fingering, etc., will let your emotions loose on a man in a crazy manner; you are not in love when you want more of these from a man who does them right for (to) you; you are only ENSNARED! Stop it and deliver yourself. You will have plenty in marriage with a covenant man.

Beware when you want a man or brother badly, but he does not care so much about you! Why push yourself on a man before marriage? Keep your emotions under check. Do not lust after a man.

Feed your spirit to be strong so it can put your soul and body under (Gal. 5:16-17; 1 Cor. 6:27). Wait for God; you can always bring out the love for the choice of God for you! YES, YOU CAN!

Do not be lured by a man who wants your body! Men can lure. (I am sorry to say, even brothers at times!) They lure with sweet talks, flattery, undeserved and unnecessary commendation and offers of sponsorship for courses, trips, etc. They lure with seductive looks and touch at the waist, care, and over-concern. They lure with things exotic cars, furnished apartments, display of fat bank accounts, connections with high and mighty, flaunting posts held, etc. B-E-W-A-R-E! Do not be taken by these things. When God leads you to a man or leads a man to you, it is only then you accept him and love him. YES, YOU CAN!

Do not fall for things; fall for God’s plans and purpose. Do not fall for a man; fall for God, and in God, you meet a man also falling for God and in God, you will fall for each other and become inseparable! Do it, it is fantastic!

If you are in a relationship with a man who has another set of values, you will not keep your vow of chastity! He will get you one day! You will open yourself to lies, thinking the two of you are overwhelmed, whereas he knows what he wants and why he wants it. Do not take that liberty; you will destroy trust in God and man.

Do not indulge in any form of sexual pleasure before marriage; it will limit your sexual fulfilment in marriage. You can stop masturbation, YES, YOU CAN!


1. Acknowledge it is a sin; it can cut you off from God and take you to hell. It makes you filthy before God. Repent and stop it. Do not enjoy it; STOP IT!

2. It will make you not need your husband or bond with him in marriage. When the urge comes, do not serve it with your fingers. Stand up, do some spiritual activities – pray, read the Bible, listen to a message on tape – go out shopping, go to make your hair, go to visit a “holy” sister to distract the urge! The sweetest sex is with your husband, not your fiancé́! Wait! Wait!! Wait!!!


Lastly, do not open that “love tap secretly or openly until you hear the voice of your Father (through the Holy Spirit in you) saying, “WILL YOU GO WITH THIS MAN – Gen. 24:58?” And you answer, “YES, LORD, I WILL GO!” Then go! Go for God and meet the man in God. Preserve your heart, your thoughts, what you see, what you hear, and where you go; all these can affect what you yield to.

May the Lord depend on you in Jesus’ name.

Culled from the message preached by Rev Oyenike Areogun on 12th January 2008

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