Dearly beloved,

Intimacy with God is critical if you are going to develop a sound spiritual life. It’s the first thing the devil will fight in your life when you get saved. It is however the most important thing to protect in your walk with God. If the devil cannot steal your intimacy with God, he can’t handle you.

Intimacy is key to you having an impact. Intimacy brings accuracy, and accuracy births impact. Your influence and impact will be an outflow of your intimacy with God.

Intimacy is not a gift; intimacy is a reward. Intimacy is a reward that you give to someone who has paid the price of loyalty to you. Many of you are in problems because you have brought people into your intimacy who haven’t paid the price of loyalty.

There are three categories of people you get intimate with:

1. Who you pray to: spend time praying to God. Intimacy requires time; separate yourself unto prayer regularly. There is no intimacy without separation. Jesus separated himself and withdrew into a place of prayer, and you will notice his intimacy with the Father.

2. Who you pray for: who are you praying for? You become intimate with those you pray for. You are gathered here today to pray for your wife and children.

3. Who you pray with: I pray with mummy all the time. When I see her praying, I start praying; when she sees me praying, she also starts praying. I pray with my pastors, so we are knitted together. When a church prays together, they get knitted together.

Make a decision to enter into intimacy with God. Start building your intimacy so strongly with God. Three days of intimacy can save you from three years of pain. Pay the price for intimacy. Intimacy will cost you time with friends and time with some of the things you love doing.

Till next time, go and win with Jesus.

Rev Olusola AREOGUN.

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