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Dearly Beloved,

As we step into the new year, it remains imperative to consider our response to the divine. In the forthcoming days, understanding and adhering to the following aspects will prove invaluable:

1. Divine Flows

2. Divine Instructions

3. Divine Acts

4. Divine Protocols

5. Divine Personalities

6. Divine Atmosphere

The key to accessing the presence of God lies in responding appropriately to these divine elements. Your receiver, your born-again spirit, places you in a position of advantage, orchestrated by the Holy Spirit.

Being born again means the divine is already at work in your life; what is required is heightened sensitivity. The danger lies in becoming insensitive, a perilous state for someone with a lofty destiny. Sensitivity is your safeguard in the days ahead.

The impending times demand increased awareness. My earnest prayer is that you steer clear of the malevolent forces shaping events on this planet.

Here is the divine directive for 2024 and beyond: Effort alone is insufficient; what you need is heightened sensitivity.

The following three steps will guide you in accessing the moves and workings of God in your life:

1. Become Sensitive to the Move

   – Engage in fervent prayers

   – Cultivate a spirit of worship

   – Regularly immerse yourself in Bible study

   – Foster correct fellowship

Recognize that the devil’s strategy is to render you insensitive to the divine. Your ability to respond appropriately and interpret situations accurately, especially when surrounded by demonic influences, depends on your sensitivity.

2. Interpret It Correctly

   – Emotional reactions often complicate spiritual matters

   – Grace is extended for anointed and accurate interpretation

   – Guard against misinterpreting the divine as human and perceiving the demonic as natural

3. Sustain the Right Attitude Afterwards

   – Rule by revelation – align with Jesus

   – Anticipate a shift from the norm to the extraordinary

   – Embrace the divine, allowing sensitivity to rise within you

Remember, if you are born again, you are not an ordinary individual.

Until next time, go forth and win with Jesus.

God’s Servant,

Rev. Olusola Areogun.

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