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God is the God and source of all grace; all grace comes through one channel–Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is the medium of impartation of grace. If you ever see a man that does not know Jesus, he cannot use grace. He may be a great human being, but he will not be operating by grace. All grace comes to humanity through Jesus Christ.

John 1:16–17

16 And of his fullness have all we received, and grace for grace. For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

The Three Kinds of Forces on Earth

While God designed believers to operate in divine forces on the earth, there is a reality of other forces operating on the earth. You need to understand each of these forces in order to disallow the negative and strive for the divine forces God designed for your good.

1. Natural Forces

The first kind of force is collectively grouped as natural forces, and they are not to be confused with grace. They may look like grace, but they are not. Talent is an example of an inborn force that, when it is properly developed in a human being, can look like grace, but it is not. Skills and education are also natural forces that can be learnt and acquired in the world and, if honed properly, can make a man special in no little way– these two forces can make you look beautiful and attractive. Beauty, handsomeness, and other physical features are also natural forces that can give people an edge over others in life, but all these are not the same as grace.

On another side of natural forces is ancestry, which can be good or bad. Ancestry is largely open to the manipulation of the devil. If you have a family with well-educated parents, naturally speaking, the children should be brilliant and well-educated. In some families, all the children became doctors because their father was a doctor.

There are families largely comprised of musicians or lawyers. These are forces of ancestry, but the devil can hijack them and use them negatively. However, not everything in your ancestry is negative; when we break the negative ancestral flow, we are only dealing with the negative side. And whether you like it or not, your children are going to manifest certain things in you. For the sake of your children, you need to overcome every negative ancestral flow or negative history in your life and ensure that they are not transferred through the gate of birth to your children.

2. Demonic Forces

The second kind of force is demonic force. There are demonic flows that human beings can bring into your life. All demonic activities arising from human affairs are referred to as witchcraft.

Witchcraft is always looking for gateways. Just as windows in a computer open up into a world of information and activities, the devil is looking for a gateway or portal into your life. These gates lead to demonic activities. Demons don’t enter until there is an opened window (Ecclesiastes 10:8b).

Take, for example, if there is a spirit of failure over a lineage and a boy suddenly decides not to get educated–that becomes a portal for that spirit to work. The spirit is just waiting for him to stick with that decision. The longer the spirit stays in the young boy’s life, the stronger it becomes and invites other spirits to come. That spirit will grow to control the boy’s activities and becomes a patron spirit over the lineage of the boy as he grows into a man. If, in the future, any of the seeds of that man decides to be serious with life, that demon will find it difficult to enter, but because there is an opening already, such a person will struggle through life. When Adam violated God’s instruction, Satan entered. This was when witchcraft entered the earth. Murder followed, and so did fornication and all forms of evil, because Adam and Eve opened the window.

There are human beings that are victims of satanic operations–holding them down and keeping them from having the results commensurate to their level of life. Some human beings are having demonic assistance–that are having more than the result of their labour through strange spirits.

Handles for Demonic Forces

Demonic forces require either of the following three things to step into human life, you must watch against them and never find yourself involved in any:

a. Sin: This is a violation of God’s law, and when a man violates God’s law or will, it opens the door to a satanic operation. Don’t forget that witchcraft refers to the entire manifestation of Satanic activities. If God says, `don’t fornicate’, and you keep fornicating; a spirit will come into your life. The devil is not concerned about whether you make heaven or hell; he is just concerned about whether you are making an impact on the earth, and that is what he wants to stop.

b. Crime: This is a violation of the laws of the land. It also opens a man up to satanic activities.

c. Occultism: Occultism is when a man decides to enter into the spirit realm to find out information or engage in activities in the spirit realm without divine permission. It opens a man’s life for Satan to step in. A typical example is when a man goes around consulting or getting engaged in strange practices. Occultism can be very deceptive, if you decide to put up some stones and give them a name, in no time, a spirit (under the disguise of that name) will soon possess the stone and empower the object in a demonic way. You can open your thought to demonic flows by thinking that an evil act happens to another person. If you tarry long in that thought, such thought will become visible in the spirit realm, and a demon will soon activate it. Some people say anytime someone mistreats them; bad things happen to those people. Such a person needs deliverance; because by that thought, the person is opening a portal in the spirit, and soon enough, a spirit will empower that thought. These are examples of demonic assistance in a man’s life.

Not every program on television is safe for viewing; since you have the TV remote control, then the key to that door is in your hand, and you can decide whether to open it or not. When on your computer and a nude picture pops up, you can open it or close it. The power is in your hand, but when you open it, you must also know that you are opening the door to a spirit.

When you admire anything without knowing the power behind it, the power behind that act will come to your life through the bridge of admiration. When you style your hair after a celebrity you admire, you will find yourself craving and desiring the negative flows in his/her life. What started as mere admiration makes the spirit behind his/her character flaws also come into your life through the bridge of admiration.

You should be careful if you are a role model to people. Be sure that God deals with your life so that only the Holy Spirit is moving through your life to people.

3. Divine Forces

The third kind of force you find in the life of human beings is divine forces which include grace, the anointing, the calling, and the gifts of the Spirit.

When you do any work for God without grace, you will make it look repulsive. You do not have to get into the things of God without grace because God supplies the grace that makes it easy, possible, and attractive to others.

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