The Amazing Power of Prayer and Fasting Day30

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2024 Annual Prayer and Fasting

The Amazing Power of Prayer and Fasting Day30




  1. Genesis 1:29, Gal 6:7-9, Gen 8:20-22, 2 Cor 9:6-7. ​I pray for the seed to sow, the time to sow my seed, the ground I must sow in, and I receive my harvest. I will not sow bad seeds in the right ground.
  2. I pray for crop failure for the wrong seeds I have sown. Lord, show me my seed and show me the critical seeds to sow.
  3. Lord, make my heart a good ground for all the seed that you will send from heaven in 2024. May I understand the mystery of seed in 2024
  4. Deliver me from every negative seed that is producing a negative harvest in my life. Lord, show me so that I can cancel it.
  5. Lord, help me use my seed to my advantage in 2024.
  6. 2024, I receive a harvest of great seed
  7. Lord, give me new seasons in 2024, new seasons by the right seed.
  8. I receive a divine meeting of divine seed and human spirit for 2024’s journey.
  9. I receive the seeds that must be sown into me: seeds of grace, the anointing, wisdom, the word of God, divine skill, and understanding.
  10. I receive the anointing for recognition of seed time.


  1. 2024, Jehovah, more than I have seen before.
  2. 2024, Jehovah, more than I have heard before.
  3. 2024, Jehovah, more than I have experienced before.
  4. 2024 will be your year of harvest of good seeds.
  5. Seed cancelling seed opportunities

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