The Amazing Power of Prayer and Fasting Day18

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The Amazing Power of Prayer and Fasting Day18




  1. Lord, let the fire of my first love come back. I will not be in false religion; I will be in a true relationship with you. Take me back to the place where I first started with you. Let my relationship be a living, thriving relationship. The more I stay in you, the more I become like you.
  2. Lord, do not let my heart grow cold or lukewarm. Rekindle the first love in my heart. I want you more than gold, silver, or life itself. This is the cry of my heart.
  3. Lord, I receive a tender heart always. My heart will be touched by the things that touch you.
  4. Lord, show me anything in my heart that displeases you
  5. Lord, I want the correction and chastisement of a Father to a son. I don’t want to be a bastard in your presence. Holy Spirit, be free to talk to me and deal with me as you please.
  6. Lord, let everything I do be a worship that is acceptable to you.


  1. Hold on, don’t rumble. The season will soon change!
  2. The anointing of kingship
  3. 2024, domains, authority, and power
  4. The spirit of death is broken

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