The Amazing Power of Prayer and Fasting Day08

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The Amazing Power of Prayer and Fasting Day08




  1. I will not be proud, lazy, or despise what God has wrought!
  2. Ps 68:28. Everything the Father has wrought, provided, and commanded for me that I have missed in the past, I receive a divine catchup and a divine restoration in the name of Jesus.
  3. Heb. 3:1-4. The Holy Ghost will show me things that God has wrought and finished for me in 2024; I will be aware and know it.
  4. I receive my own things that the Father has built and finished. The Holy Spirit will bring me into the reality of it.
  5. Phil. 2:13. Divine works in me Lord, everything in my reason, desires, and will that contradicts what the Father has worked in me, shatter it. Work on me until I am well-positioned to access what the Father is doing with me.
  6. Holy Spirit, don’t leave me until everything in me synchronizes with what the Father has prepared for me.
  7. Parents and Leaders, pray that you will raise your children by the operation and power of the Holy Ghost!
  8. I take authority over spiritual dullness and the dullness of perception.
  9. The Holy Ghost in my life will grow exponentially in 2024.
  10. I will not react to things that God is bringing to me.
  11. I will not ignorantly reject the higher things of God in 2024
  12. I will not reject the steps that lead to my next level
  13. Psa. 68:28. Strengthen that which you have wrought for us.
  14. All the things God has done in my life and Dream City as a whole will be multiplied and strengthened
  15. 1 Cor. 12:1. I will not be ignorant of the spiritual things of God and Satan. I will not despise the things of the Holy Spirit in my life. Holy Spirit, lead me on a journey of awareness and revelation.
  16. No demonic operation of hell will come against me. No satanic operation will move in my life.
  17. I will not be a victim of any form of supernatural deception
  18. 2024, Lord, give me sensitivity to know the things of God separate from the things of the devil these last days.
  19. John 2:23-25, John 6:70-71. Lord, show me men the way you know them in 2024.
  20. The Lord will baptise me with the grace to know men the way you know them.


  1. You will not run another man’s script
  2. Receive your own from the Lord
  3. You will not try to play another man’s script
  4. 2024, my own things from the Lord!
  5. I will not be ignorant of spiritual realities
  6. 2024, Holy Ghost and I, chapter 2


  1. Read Psa. 68 tonight before you sleep
  2. Take heed to your spiritual life

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