The Amazing Power of Prayer and Fasting Day06

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The Amazing Power of Prayer and Fasting Day06




  1. Lord, show me every area of incomplete obedience in my life. I will not have any outstanding disobedience. 1 Sam 15:1-23, Isaiah 1:19-20, 2 Corin 10:3-6
  2. Bring any outstanding obedience to my remembrance so that I won’t enter 2024 with a deficit of obedience.
  3. Lord, in 2024, my obedience will be complete.
  4. Lord, deliver me from all the camouflages of disobedience. No camouflage of disobedience will work against me in 2024.
  5. Lord, bring back to my remembrance things that can stand against me in the days of critical battle.
  6. Lord, no limit on my obedience to you! I will go all the way! I put everything on the table! Nothing will put a limit on my obedience to God in 2024.
  7. God will help my positioning to be correct in 2024. On a geographical basis, timing basis, attitude basis, and social basis, my positioning will be correct.
  8. The positioning system of God will govern me.
  9. I will not be a victim of a Satanic positioning system.
  10. My Hap will Happen.
  11. 2024, my life will be completely under the influence of the divine positioning system!
  12. I will enjoy the miracles of correct positioning in 2024


  1. Correct positioning
  2. In 2024, you will recover seven lost years.
  3. You will see divine recoveries
  4. In 2024, your positioning will be accurate
  5. Holy Ghost takeover
  6. The mystery of divine positioning will take over for you
  7. You will not be a widow
  8. God is cancelling evil coordinates
  9. You will not repeat negative ancestry
  10. You will get your decisions right
  11. You will get thoughts from the spirit of God
  12. Lost chances and opportunities will rush back into your life
  13. 2024, a recovery of lost years


  1. If you are in the ministry and calling, go back to the instruction of God.

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