Dearly Beloved,

It is not God that determines how great you become; your obedience determines your greatness.

The story of Peter in Luke Chapter 5. When you look at verses 4 and 5, you will see how a man’s obedience will determine how great he or she will become.
Verse 4 “…..Launch out into the deep, and let down your nets for a draught.”
Verse 5 “…. Nevertheless, at thy word, I will let down the net.”

In 2 Kings 4, Elisha told the widow, one of the wives of the sons of the prophets, to go and borrow vessels from her neighbours and borrow not a few. When she got the vessels, the man of God gave her instructions, and the oil started flowing. But, when the vessels finished, the oil stopped; it did not finish. This tells us that the workings of God in your life stop where your obedience reaches.

Whatever it will take you, make sure in 2022, you have the Bible experience, not otherwise. Don’t accept defeat until you have done all that you can. When Peter decided to let down a single net, The Lord did not talk. So be careful of the silence of God when you’re negotiating obedience.

Nobody is ahead of another person in this kingdom by mistake. You don’t need to be angry or become jealous of another person. He is likely doing something you are not doing. Every instruction God gives to a man is an invitation to experience the divine. Obedience is your responsibility, not God’s.

You can’t negotiate prophecy or the promise of God; you cannot negotiate the INSTRUCTION, but you can negotiate your obedience. So, 2022, don’t bring negotiated obedience to God. Your greatness is a divine donation. How great you become is your own responsibility. Nobody should draw a line on how great you will become.


1. Never exchange something divine for something human, no matter how popular or nice.
Whether a style, method, provision, office, whatever- it is a key to failure. Your greatness is not God’s problem anymore. It is a released problem.
Why does satan want to bring situations that make it look like the divine process cannot work for you? It is to bring you into a human arrangement against the divine. He knows he can never hijack a divine thing, but he will eventually hijack anything human. So may satan not stop the divine in your life! It could be a divine promise, do not drop it for a human arrangement.

2. Seek to identify, recognize and respect the divine in your life from today, whatever it is.
Peter only recognized later when he saw the fish that was caught and realized he missed God. I pray for your eyes to be anointed. Your spirit to be sensitized in the ordinary affairs of your life. How great 2022 will be is dependent on your obedience. Don’t neglect the divine anywhere. You will sense and recognize divine personality and divine activity in Jesus’ name.

God starts small, not big, and that is why you must not miss God. Anything that says your latter end will not increase is a liar. It means that smallness and struggle should be in the past tense in your life. The entry of the divine into your life is the beginning of a turnaround, and that is what God is telling you this 2022. Your obedience must be brought up to fulfilment.

There are people that God has given instructions to years ago, and they stopped, and that thing stopped. If you left that instruction 10 years ago, the move of God is on pause. If you pick it up today, it will start again.

3. Don’t try to fulfil divine promise through a human arrangement
Everybody faces that pressure. Don’t try to fulfil divine promise yourself. That is what got Abraham and Sarah into a problem. Don’t get in the way of the divine. God knows exactly what He is going to do and when He will do it.

Till next week, go and win with Jesus.
God’s Servant,
Rev. Olusola Areogun.

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