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Your marriage will determine what the rest of your life will look like!

How you’ll function in marriage will be according to the preparations, not buying things, but life preparations you have made by becoming a sound, well-groomed lady that can handle a man, children, domestic issues plus your career and still have a sound spiritual life that will cause you to flower in your destiny.

One of the sayings of Rev. Olusola Areogun goes like this… “IF YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING, ANYWHERE IS A STARTING POINT’’.

In other words, it doesn’t matter how naive, untrained, uninformed, untutored, unprepared, and unfit you are; if you plug into the process of God and get hooked by God through into a destiny programme – You will make it.

These three factors make you become clay in the hands of God to fashion for His glory.

1. Be saved and be converted – don’t just be religious.

2. Be spirit-filled and Holy Ghost-controlled. Don’t just speak in tongues while you do as you wish, not as the Holy Ghost wishes.

3. Be settled in a spiritual house under a spiritual father God ordained for and over your life.

NOTE: (I sense this prophetic flow as I write.)

  • ANY PASTOR OR MAN OF GOD THAT MAKES SEXUAL ADVANCES AT YOU… IS NOT YOUR SPIRITUAL FATHER. If you encounter such, flee from him. He will ruin your destiny!
  • If you are prone to seducing God’s servants, stop it, or you will face the wrath of the head of the church!
  • Jesus is coming upon the church with the fuller’s soap and the refiner’s fire, and he will thoroughly purge His floor, BEWARE! Be on the side of truth, righteousness, and holiness. God will only work with those who treasure this, says the spirit of the Lord.

4. Be practical with your spiritual life in God and destiny.

  • Don’t just dress conservatively and don’t know how God speaks to you.
  • Don’t become extravagant and cast off all restraint – lawlessness makes you like the devil.
  • Don’t be a spiritual leader who is in a financial mess.
  • Don’t know how to pray without knowing how to cook good food!
  • Don’t just go to church without going to school.
  • You are called to master life, not to play lip service to the things of God!

Let me share with you briefly some of the things I did as a single lady that propelled me and stabilised me in a destiny marriage:

1. I didn’t follow the crowd or the ‘craze’ that reigned in my generation. I wanted the life that only God could give me, so I went after God passionately. Any other life apart from the one God gives will offer you a lesser future.

2. I had to separate from people – no matter who they were, anyone who would pollute, corrupt, weaken or destroy my passion for God, relatives, and friends.

3. I had a destiny company to encourage me on my journey. I was surrounded by people of like-passion who were headed for the same destination.

4. I said, and I meant a giant NO to pre-marital sex and got married as a virgin.

5. I observed, watched, and learnt from all married people around me – good things to do in marriage and bad things to avoid.

6. I made the Bible – God’s word my standard for living for every area of my life… spiritual, financial, marital, health, relationships, career and calling. Sex, domestics, dressing, dressing and appearance, pregnancy, childbirth, child nursing, in-law matters, etc. God is so good – the Bible is God’s manual on all human subjects! STUDY IT!

7. I hooked myself with God’s, help of divine leading – to the assignments of my destiny in the spiritual house that God chose for me to be planted and grow. This literally spelt out my destiny.

8. I married the man God chose, not the one I liked or desired. This has made marriage heaven on earth for me.

9. I allowed God to dictate the details of my practical life – such as my style of dressing and appearances, my friends, the number of children I am to have and when to have them, where to live, where to work, when to leave secular work for ministry work, who to allow in my circle of influence, what to have as my possession, etc.

This is what draws divine favour and approval from God.

10. Lastly, I fell in love with TRINITY – the Father, the Son – Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

This is my foundation of all fellowshipping with God regularly in prayers, worship, the word and obeying His wish.

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