Godly Leadership


From The Father’s Heart

Dearly Beloved,

God gives us godly leadership to supply certain things to us. Godly leadership is what prepares people for the future God has for them.

A lack of godly leadership reduces how much influence God can have in a nation, a city, and a people.

Godly leadership supplies us with the following things:

1. Godly leadership gives you a positive picture or image of your future.

2. Godly leadership gives you an example to follow. You need an example to follow. So many people fall in and out of errors and mistakes because they have no example to follow.

3. Godly leadership supplies answers to life questions. A lack of godly leadership, therefore, leaves a man without answers to the questions of life.

4. Godly leadership supplies God’s vision for living to you. It gives you a picture of the finished product if you follow through with the process as ordained by God.

5. Godly leadership gives you direction to follow. You can’t lead yourself through life. God puts direction for you to follow in godly leadership.

6. Godly leadership supplies strength and stamina for you in your areas and times of weakness.

7. Godly leadership supplies rebuke and correction as necessary. It would be best to have a leader who will not look at your face or consider how you feel before being corrected. Corrections and rebukes are part of the measures of God to shape and form us for His purpose.

8. Godly leadership gives room for accountability. It holds you accountable. If you are a safe person, you must be accountable to someone.

I want you to assess yourself to see whether you have consciously and deliberately submitted to godly leadership.

Till next time, go and win with Jesus.

God’s Servant,

Rev. Olusola Areogun.

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  1. Adekoya Olasile

    Thank you so much, sir. May God continue to bless you much more
    But sir, I need you right now in my life.
    I just graduated from the University, about to go for my NYSC in a few months sir, sir I need someone to who I can be accountable in my Christian life, daddy.

    Right now I don’t know what to do, where to go, where to reside and all. Pls sir. I need help.

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