• 07 January 2020 |
  • Written by  Rev. Mrs Oyenike Areogun
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1. Don't go against the Scriptures.

Don't use stubborn human behaviour to explain the Scriptures

There are people like that who say God told Timothy to take a strong drink because of his often infirmities. 

2. Don't move in any way against the servant of God. Don't hurt them.

Touch not My anointed and do my prophet no harm - It also applies to men of God.

Don't cultivate the acts of speaking against God's servants.

Don't join Dathan, Korah and Abiram. The ground opened up and swallowed them.

People that do so usually have peculiar problems, terrible problems.

May you not do anything in 2020 that a man of God will pull the calling on you in the negative!

May you be on the positive side that the man of God will pull the calling on you on the positive!

Pastors, you must be discerning in 2020. If God is not doing anything, we can't do anything! If you are sensitive, God will open your spirits and you will see what people are dealing with. I see that God is going to use the pastors this decade to help a lot of people this year. Receive that grace this morning, receive that anointing this morning. The Holy Spirit will help you to see the roots of people's problems so that you can help them to redress it.

3. Sexual immorality will yield disasters, destruction and death. Don't indulge in sexual perversion.

If you are involved in such, go for ministration. There will be shameful exposure of such this season. The Lord opened my spirit this morning, and I sawa sexual perversion as a highway for demonic trafficking. When you allow a small demon, a higher demon will come in. Jesus talked about when an unclean spirit goes out of a man, he will say let me check again and when he sees that the place is empty, he goes to call seven demons more terrible than himself. Demonic strongholds then bind them and bind them the more - binding their children, binding their lungs, bringing terrible afflictions upon them.

Mind my language - DON'T INDULGE IN SEXUAL PERVERSION! Run for a solution!

Untimely death is knocking the door. Shame, destruction is coming.

4. Don't cheat financially. Be financially straight.

Don't cheat your customers.

Let what is yours suffice you. Don't take advantage of other people's things because they are not aware or because you are smarter. The Lord said fraud will be exposed and judged in 2020.

5. Don't replace your spouse with your children in love, provision and care in 2020.

Be great parents to your children but be a good spouse.

6. Don't collude with others, at work, in the neighbourhood, in the family, against a neighbour or a relative because you don't like them.

7. Don't contemplate occultism, no matter the problem.

I appeal to you, wait for God. For how long? Until He arrives on the scene. May you not be in haste to go ahead of God! Securing demonic help will draw divine anger.

The Bible says when they say unto you, let us check wizards and those that peep and mutter, the Bible says shall not we seek the Lord? Wait for what the Holy Ghost can bring out. Wait for what the anointing can bring out. After waiting on the Lord for the fruit of the womb for eighteen years, don't contemplate the black soap. There is no solution in the devil. He does demonic exchanges. He removes a headache, gives you cancer. Above all, don't live in the terrible anger of God. As much as the Father is a Faithful Father, when He says don't, then don't.

Faithful Father has anger, but it is not for you. However, if you want to see the anger of the Lord, try and look for help in another place. Don't secure demonic help, it will draw divine anger

I want you to make a personal commitment to the Father: I will not operate under the anger of the Faithful Father in 2020.

Just pray that prayer, focus on it.

I will not operate in divine anger, I will operate under divine pleasure, in Jesus name we pray.

If you have done anything that God says you shouldn't do, the Faithful Father is a Merciful Father, there is space for repentance.

Go for counselling if you are not sure.

Don't be in a place in your relationship with the Father that you are not sure. You must be standing in the righteousness of Christ. Don't stay outside the fence, stay within the courts.

Go for counselling and you will be told what to do and you will find your way back into the Father's presence.

8. Don't borrow. Work and believe God.

In our nation, borrowing has become the norm. Organizations accept it as a norm to borrow.

Part of the blessings that the Father has released for those that He is in contact with is in Deuteronomy 28:12:
The LORD shall open unto thee his good treasure, the heaven to give the rain unto thy land in his season, and to bless all the work of thine hand: and thou shalt lend unto many nations, and thou shalt not borrow.

The blessing of the Lord that marks out those that the Lord is in covenant with is that they shall not borrow, they will lend unto many generations.

There is a thin line you need to draw between borrowing for business and borrowing to eat or to buy clothes.

For some people, the nature of borrowing has entered into them. Don't borrow. Every year God comes, you can take a loan for business. You are using that money to work, it yields and you take your profit and return the loan but carry the anointing along. That is not what I am talking about. I am talking about borrowing to eat. Start looking for Scriptures. For example:

Psalm 1:3
3 And he shall be like a tree planted by the rivers of water, that bringeth forth his fruit in his season; his leaf also shall not wither; and whatsoever he doeth shall prosper.

I told some ladies, “Start believing God, don't practice asking people for help when you need something.” Use your faith, begin to practise believing God.

9. Don't relocate like Elimelech.

Don't change location in a panic because you are afraid there is famine or business is not moving. This is a year of accuracy.

Ruth 1:1-3
1 Now it came to pass in the days when the judges ruled, that there was a famine in the land. And a certain man of Bethlehemjudah went to sojourn in the country of Moab, he, and his wife, and his two sons.
2 And the name of the man was Elimelech, and the name of his wife Naomi, and the name of his two sons Mahlon and Chilion, Ephrathites of Bethlehemjudah. And they came into the country of Moab, and continued there.
3 And Elimelech Naomi's husband died; and she was left, and her two sons.
Bring your moves under the moves of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes, God moves, but sometimes, God stays.

10. Don't struggle against the Joseph move into Egypt.

When the Lord said these two points to me, He said 'Be well assured in My will, I am the Lord.” That is to say, let it be the will of the Father that determines your movement.

The Lord said, “Don't struggle against the Joseph move into Egypt, it is just a passage to the throne.”

From Genesis 37 to Genesis 39, Joseph went to look for his brothers but he found himself in Egypt.

Don't think that God is not faithful. It was the Faithful Father that went to the pit to deliver him so don't think God is not faithful.

God has a major glory for you at the end of the road. How we need that accuracy! Don't joke with waiting on the Lord.
11. Don't take undue advantage of another person that is younger or ignorant or is not as powerful as you.
12. Don't backslide.

When the Lord said this point, He said it so sharply, “Don't backslide!”

Don't go back to your vomit. Don't go back to the things that you have left, that you have stopped doing.
13. Don't steal from God and man.

The major way we steal from God is by not paying our tithes. Don't rob God.

Don't steal from man. Don't take what is not yours. Don't take salary when you have not worked. Don't take what is not your own whether people are aware or not.

2020 is a major year of the blessings and thieves don't partake of the divine blessing.
14. Don't fight. Don't engage in physical or verbal combats.

The Lord told me some fights will lead to deaths and severe injuries.

Most of the time, it starts as intense mouth combat and when it is not enough you begin to throw fists.

15. Don't repeat last year's mistakes.

If I were you, I will take an audit of last year's mistakes.

16. Don't keep friends that move you to do negative things.

Every friend in your life that their relationship with you always makes you to do something negative; they embolden to steal, to lie, to engage in fornication and adultery, to disobey instructions from the Lord, give them some gap. They are not your friends but your destroyers.

Look at David's son, Amnon who told his friend that he had sexual feelings for his sister, that was not a good friend. He was a destroyer, not a friend.

Anyone that moves you to do evil is not your friend but your destroyer. Walk away from them.

17. Don't eat your seed.

Every blessing that will come into your life in 2020 will come in two forms - your bread and your seed.

Everything that comes into your life, including your salary, your profits, your gifts, it is in two forms. Eat the bread but sow the seed.

If you eat the seed, it will be bitter in your stomach.

May you have grace for accuracy this year in Jesus name!
18. Don't pretend to man and God.

Every pretence you are in, rectify it before the 10th of January.

If you are 42 years old and your documents show that you are 32 at your place of work, go and rectify it.

God will not help pretenders in 2020. Stop pretending!

Don't pretend to man and to God in 2020! Be real and let God be able to step into your life so that a lying spirit will not take you over. 

Give up yourself so that God can enter your life and bring His glory.

A lady went to school and stopped after finishing the WAEC examination. She decided to tell herself that she read Law at OAU and graduated with 2:1. It became a lying spirit. One day, she told the Pastor that her husband will not let her practice. So the Pastor called the husband, the man said she did not go to the University, that he married her with her WAEC certificate. The woman was called and asked and she still insisted that she read Law at OAU.

Come clean, God will help you.

19. Don't contemplate another, like John the Baptist for the will of God to be fully expressed in you.

John the Baptist was the one that said “Behold the Lamb of God that has come to bring salvation to man,” but when Herod arrested him and put him in prison, he was offended.

Life is not about having everything clean and pleasant. There are some unpleasant situations that we have to go through and they are right in the will of God.

I've been in a place years ago where armed robbers were robbing and after the incidence, I asked God “Where are you?” And God said, “I was right there with you, that was why they could not touch you.”

Many times if you think everything should be pleasant, you may miss the blessing. That is why the Bible says “…through faith and patience inherit the promises.” Hebrews 6:12.

With patience, we go through the unpleasant for the pleasant to come.

20. Don't condemn others. You don't know what they are going through. You are not in their shoes, you don't know where they've been.

Be no man's judge in 2020. Focus on pleasing the Lord and Him having pleasure over your life. Judge no one.

Forty days' prayer and fasting, you wore good shirts and nobody saw you, but the person leading the prayer meeting wore a shirt for five days consecutively and afterwards, he wore different shirts and you said, “They have used all our offering to buy shirts.” I don't know why I said that but that is what the Lord said, “Don't condemn others.”

Even yourself, don't live under self-condemnation. If you can't handle it, talk to your pastor. Don't go in condemnation in 2020.

God does not find it difficult to forgive you. Jesus our Propitiation, our Advocate, He forgives us when we confess.

Don't condemn other people. Be busy with yourself pleasing the Lord and walking in His pleasure.

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you to take heed to these divine warnings.

As for blessings, you are blessed. As for liftings, you are lifted, but these are the warnings you should take heed to.

You have got the 20 warnings, very simple warnings. Yours is to take heed to its instructions



1. Sing.

This is a year of songs. Songs will birth solutions and answers. Songs will position you ahead prophetically. When the devil is coming with an attack of death in two weeks’ time, your song will arrive 2 weeks earlier and you find yourself singing, “I shall not die but live...” Songs of the kingdom will be healing streams to the spirit, the soul and even the body. Get the hymn book, don't just listen to music. Sing! Sing in church, at home, in the car. Songs of Zion, songs by the Holy Ghost.

2. Invest.

Joseph's account is a pattern. In the time of plenty, the Lord gave him the strategy and he gave it to Pharaoh. They were setting 20% aside and they saved it for 7 years and when the time of famine came, there was no food anywhere but there was food in Egypt. Invest! Save to preserve! Don't expend the plenty. Most people have this problem; every time income increases, they increase spending. It is a malaise, an economic malaria.

3. Tell the truth, 100% always.

Don't bend the truth. Don't tell white lies. Don't give wrong impressions. This year calls for outstanding accuracy. You need the Holy Ghost to be so close to you to give you direction. Holy Ghost does not come to lead where there is compromise. It may hurt and you may lose some goodies sometimes but tell the truth always.

4. Eat well.

Take good care of your body and your environment. This year, health is wealth. Your workload will increase by virtue of the blessing that will increase. Your body is your earth-suit that you need to operate on the earth and when the body packs up, that is all.

May you not leave the earth before your time! May you complete what you are here for!

5. Study.

This is a year to study. Study the Word of God daily, and for some of us, the instruction is to go through the Bible for one year. It is worth setting an alarm for. Set time for it. In addition to studying the Bible, the Lord is telling the Dream City to do advanced study in the area of your calling and assignment. Study up on the things you are doing for the Lord so that you can be more prophetic, effective and productive. In your Adamic mandate, study more.

6. Engage in new things that will enhance your profile.

Explore in your field, don't stay on one spot. Doors will open for people that have gone the extra mile.

7. Go always as a Christian into every arena.

Be a Christian in that profession, in that family. Don't say that is how we do it. Don't hide your Christian identity and try to function in a natural way. Be boldly Christian! Be proudly Christian and after that, you can be proudly Nigerian! I'm not saying you should become a religious nuisance and you get to the boardroom and start speaking in tongues, no. You are the one that knows you are coming as a Christian, that you are standing for that. If they need you to speak up, speak up, if not, stay quiet, but go with the life of Christ.

8. Be genuinely saved and help others to do the same.

This is not a year to assume you are saved. The same way we pray for nations every Tuesday, church members should come with the names of their colleagues and family members to prayer meeting.

9. Go to church for all services (as much as it lies within your power).

Don't stay at home. If you are at work, go and if you are on duty, go but make every effort to attend all services e.g. Tuesday prayer meeting, Wednesday Living by the Answer.

10. Increase your offerings this year.

Don't give the same amount you were giving last year. Increase your offerings and prepare ahead.

11. Be prophetic in your offerings.

Participate in prophetic instructions directly from the pulpit or the one that comes to you in your closet.

12. Work by inspiration and pray in the Holy Ghost.

God is endowing His people with inspirations so take time to pray a lot in the Holy Ghost. When you pray in the Holy Ghost, inspirations will come. Work by inspirations. Different ideas to do different projects.

13. Do your obligations faithfully. Don't be irresponsible - at home, at work, in church. Let the mark of the responsible be on your forehead this 2020. Out of the whole lot, be the responsible one.

14 Have assignments that you do for the Lord with a sense of mission.

I was going to mention different areas that you could serve the Lord this 2020. People always go with what they see but there is life behind the scene. What is behind 7 is more than 6. So, it is not only what you see. It is not only in the Choir or the Ushering department that you can serve. There are different areas you could serve.

Publicity, Social Media or leg work in town. There are some people that their legs capture the town - it is a grace, but it should be used in the publicity of programmes. Some people are very mobile. Some people want to go from Osogbo to Ife and they are preparing seriously. Is that travelling? If you are in Lagos, you are still moving within the place. Publicity outside the church's immediate environment is a place where you can serve. There is something about you, you just like roaming about the town. It is not your fault; you were made that way but let God use it.

The Publicity Unit should also not force people that do not like going out. Don’t give such a person 200 handbills to distribute.

So, this is the year that you have assignments that you are doing for God in your hand with a sense of mission. Some people distribute Spirit Meat, it is a major assignment, whether via WhatsApp or physically. When you are the one spreading it to people, you don't know what you are doing. Look at the Samaritan woman that brought the whole city; it is a grace, it is an assignment. The fact that we don't wear a uniform to go and give out publicity materials does not mean we should belittle that assignment.

Intercession: register yourself for GOBC intercession. If you have a flair to play the instrument, do it. Do it at the time you can.

Children Church: More teachers are needed because our children our increasing.

The Teenagers' Church needs people. The more the people are, the more ineffective the leader will be over them no matter how skilful.

There are different areas that you could serve, even the Lord's Kitchen, Security, and different other places that people could serve.

Singing in the Choir: When the Lord told me this, I saw some voices in the congregation. Use that voice for the Lord so that you don't use it for something else.

Outreaches: Hotel outreach, Garage outreach, Salon outreach, all sorts of outreaches. Going to the byways and the highways where sinners are found.

Do something. Don't be without an assignment in 2020.

14. Wait on the Lord personally and regularly.

The word that Jesus said to His servants, “Come ye apart and rest awhile” is the same thing God is saying to the Dream City. It is not just daily quiet time. Begin to go back to the principle of 1. There is enough accommodation around the premises that you can lodge yourself in for the whole day. Be there. Come for a weekend. Let's go back to personally waiting on the Lord and be there. After you have prayed and prayed, pray some more. After you have studied and studied, study some more. Don't have a life that is not waiting on the Lord. Be God's friend. Let it be a friendly appointment.

We were somewhere and I had a pull of the spirit on me. I told Daddy I would check into a room in a hotel to be with the Lord. I went in with my Bible and water. I knelt down to pray and I heard “Ore Oluwa” (friend of The Lord). The Father just wanted me around. The Father just wanted me to read Genesis 1:1 again. I just checked myself in there and I was there for 6 hours. By the time you are through, you will be amazed at the increase that is within you.

15. Partner with God faithfully.

Be God's partner faithfully in 2020. Dream Centre is already programmed. The structure God gave is us designed to help everyone to succeed. The partnership schedule is to cause everyone to rise if followed faithfully. The problem of most people is unfaithfulness. The mandate we have as a church is to preach the Word from coast to coast until there is no more coast to cover. The Lord is expanding our coast- TBN Africa is now Saturdays and Sundays (no longer only Sundays) with repeat broadcast twice.

When the Lord was giving this instruction, the Lord said I should tell everybody to come to a place where you ascertain within yourself the Who, What, and Where you are giving to. Some people, as I am talking now, will say “they want us to give to Daddy's programme.” God says “Clothe My servant,” they say “they want to buy clothes with our money.”

God told Moses, “Tell my people to bring an offering to me.” They brought it physically to Moses but it was to God. Ask yourself and ask your neighbour, WHO IS IT THAT WHEN YOU GIVE SOMETHING TO, IT IS UNTO THE LORD YOU ARE GIVING IT?

I am not talking for the Dream Centre alone. That Word is for the Body of Christ. Every believer must ascertain within him/herself when he/she wants to give to God since I can't take it directly to heaven, who? What?

You must know yours. You will be in trouble if you are a member of The Dream Centre and giving to God for you is another ministry. It is like eating in Restaurant A and going to pay in another restaurant.

Deacons, Deaconesses, and Pastors, who is it that when you give to, you establish that you are giving to God? Once you establish that and you do your partnership correctly, nobody can stop your lifting.

Think about it and don't stop thinking until you give an answer to that question.

16. Have and stay under My pastor for you.

Jeremiah 3:15 KJV

And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding.

Who is your pastor that you must intelligently put yourself under? Stay under the staff and receive feeding, leading and guidance.

17. Learn new languages fast.

When that instruction came to me, I saw different people having opportunities to learn another language so take it quickly and learn fast. You go somewhere for a month, learn their language.

Opportunities are coming. Take it quickly. French, German, local dialects like Igbo. The day you will need it, that you sing an Igbo song on the plane and the person beside you just likes you. It can open doors.

If you go somewhere for one-month, learn the language. You go to Ghana for PhD, learn Ashanti. It will be of great advantage, that is what the Lord said.

18. Use technology for God. Don't let the devil trap you with technology.

The Lord said many more technologies will be developed. Use it for God. Use your Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram etc. I pray for you that the Holy Spirit will educate you on how to go about it. Post a scripture, post a link, do something.

19. Practice daily Christianity.

Daily hold on to the covenant of the fathers. Establish and assert in the spirit, things of the kingdom over your life and your affairs in 2020.

20. Engrave the Word of God around you.

Post it, wear it, put a sticker up somewhere and the Holy Spirit will give you more inspiration in Jesus name.



  1. What you have will multiply!
  2. What you don't have that you need will come. Open up to new things!
  3. Comfort in life and destiny will invade your life. Isaiah 40:1
  4. Friends and lovers will invade your life.
  5. Higher developments will happen for you so that higher things will happen in your life.
  6. You will be a partaker of new things to come. All the new things that will break loose in this decade, you have grace to partake of it.
  7. What you started that you couldn't finish will be divinely taken over for completion.
  8. Far reach blessings will be brought your way.
  9. You will be divinely led to reserved blessings like the ram was waiting for Abraham.
  10. You will pass exams. Long term struggles academically and professionally will end.
  11. You will experience divine persuasion of those that will decide your matter. People that will decide on your project, script, application, thesis, they will decide like the angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph on behalf of Mary.
  1. Deeper inner thoughts that are divine, God will visit you with it. As it came to the heart of Moses, it will come to your heart! God says I will fill your heart with empowering thoughts.
  2. Secrets that can hurt you will leak into your hand, like those that wanted to kill Paul, his nephew heard it and told them.
  3. Secrets that will bless you will be unfolded to you as well. Things that are hidden but is for your good will be unfolded to you.
  4. 2020 - Journey to the real and authentic destiny stature.

Saul was looking for asses when he found himself in front of the prophet and he came back as king. The same thing God says will happen for people in 2020. This year, God says He is starting by placing your feet on the real and authentic destiny stature. David went to the battlefield with cheese for his brothers but ended up on the throne.

2020 - Your journey to your real and authentic destiny!

  1. 2020 - The Lord says: You will see visions! You will see dreams! You will prophesy!
  2. The great will invite you to join them in their greatness.

Some people will receive federal appointments! Some people will receive appointments from powerful quarters! You will not lose that platform. You will grow there!

  1. Restoration plus adaptation.

The double of blind Bartimaeus’ blessing. When blind Bartimaeus was blind, his hearing was accentuated and he shouted the more. When the eyes opened, the hearing had already been heightened and it remained like that. The Lord said that in this year 2020, what you have lost or what you have been denied will be restored! What you didn't have that you were adapting to that heightened other aspects, you have it and you will function higher than normal people!

  1. Enemies will be unveiled and disrobed of power. They will confess and simply be put to shame and frustrated.

In 2020, it is your enemies that will testify that God is in your life because they will be unveiled, disrobed of power, put to shame and frustrated!

  1. Finally, the Lord says from your 2020 blessing, you will be a blessing in 20 major ways to God, to man and to life!

The Word of the Lord has gone forth. Keep the warnings, do the instructions and the blessings will be automatic in your life.

20 major ways you will be a blessing! You will be a blessing! It is you and God hand-in-hand into this decade, into this year 2020!

Faithful Father lo n ba wa lo! (Faithful Father is going with us). I see God taking you by the hand and guiding you! This is the year that you are having the God result, the God experience! The God result, the God experience is your portion!

Oh, Father we thank You. We receive grace! We will not violate your warnings. The instructions that You have given, we receive grace to take heed to them. Automatically, this year, we walk in the fullness of your blessing and we will be a blessing.

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