From our Father's Heart (26/08/2018)

Dearly Beloved,

ENHANCING YOUR SENSITIVITY TO THE HOLY SPIRIT is one of the ways to break into the realm of exceeding abundantly above life.

There are four levels of sensitivity that is available to man:

1. No sensitivity at all

This is when the person is dense spiritually. A born again man can get to that place if he is not careful.

2. Low sensitivity

Jacob said in Genesis 26:18, “Surely the LORD is in this place, and I did not know it." That is low sensitivity.

3. Sensitive

4. High sensitivity

Out of these four levels of sensitivity, two are dangerous: low and no sensitivity. Some people are working in a place that the winds and the danger there require a high level of sensitivity for them to survive. If you are going to be a senior military officer, a senior police officer etc., you need a high sensitivity. For you to be an effective minister of the Gospel, you need high sensitivity.

Pray for yourself that God is going to baptise you with a high level of sensitivity. Everything that has to do with your greatness will not come through your struggle but through your sensitivity. It’s not just any job that is alright for you but you need sensitivity to know the right job. People may wonder at a doctor going into hotel business, but that could be sensitivity guiding him even though it doesn’t sound normal. Sensitivity is what makes you to cross from a normal life to a great life.

Highlighted below are some of the steps to ENHANCING YOUR SENSITIVITY TO THE HOLY SPIRIT:

 1. Maintain a pure conscience

2. Feed more on the word of God

3. Increase your confession of the word of God

4. Fast regularly- fasting enhances your awareness of the spirit realm. It makes it easy for you to flow in the spirit realm. Nothing is as it appears whether good or bad. You may need to do away with meals sometimes.

God lives in a world that all things are now. God is in yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Why don't you let Him share that with you? He can tell you what to do that will guarantee you 10 years of abundance and stress-free life.


5. Stay away from unanointed atmosphere- it can deaden your spirit. Avoid falling asleep in front of TV. Practice putting worship songs to play or listen to a message as you fall asleep.


6. Maintain close contact with authentic gifts and callings of the Holy Spirit. You can’t be rubbing spirit with dead spirits and except to be sharpened.


7- Allow the fruit of the Holy Spirit to work in your life. That is the place character is formed. A man manifesting the gifts of the Spirit with no character is not safe and he will not last in his journey with the Holy Spirit. God is committed to a man with character, than a man with gifts and no character.


8. Avoid negative passion. It reduces your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. You cannot be moody and be sensitive to the Holy Ghost. Be careful what you speak in the heat of negative passion. Most people that yield to negative passion do not have the flow. Learn to yield to positive passions.


9. Avoid wrong association, ungodly and unholy alliances.


10. Practise instant obedience to the Holy Spirit. This will heighten your signals. Disobedience to the Holy Spirit will embarrass you somewhere. Giving heed to lying spirit will weaken your sensitivity.


Till next week, go and win with Jesus.

God’s Servant,

Rev. Olusola Areogun.

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