Embrace discipline! - From our Father's Heart (25/06/2017)

Embrace discipline! To be disciplined means to receive training that corrects you, moulds you, or perfects moral character and behaviour in you. It means adjusting inside to training. It means that you have accepted discipleship (that  is, a set of values) and have internalised it such that it controls and affects your decisions. 

Discipline is what conditions your life for divine blessings to come into and remain there. Without discipline, your life becomes porous and open to all kinds of opportunistic  demons to enter your life and affairs causing disorder and chaos. Undisciplined church members are the ones who are  difficult to help; they are the ones that pastor had to pray for Over and over again, they find it difficult to obey instructions  and they eventually become victims of their own carelessness. 

Indiscipline hinders angels from working, makes divine intervention difficult. Indiscipline wastes resources, time and energy. Indiscipline can reduce a man to a piece ofbread. Discipline on the other hand makes you stronger, makes you mature, makes you richer, and makes you ready for life's matters and issues. Discipline makes you composed. 

An Undisciplined man has nothing in life; such a man is a disaster going somewhere to happen. The children and  family of an undisciplined man will always suffer panic attacks, while the family of a disciplined man will always be at rest. That's why in the Dream Centre we take you through several programmes in order to discipline your body, desires, emotions and appetites so that you can be fit for God's plan for your life and destiny. 

Discipline brings divine order into your life. Discipline is part of what is supplied to you as you embrace structure in church and align your life with it. Esau lost all that he had to his brother because of indiscipline. He was the heir by birth, he had the birthright but he could not discipline his appetites and desires. 

Beloved, you don't just eat every food that comes your way like Esau or jump at every cheap opportunity otherwise you might have consumed your destiny overnight. Discipline also brings dignity, respect and honour into your life. The most divinely respected people on earth are people who are disciplined; they may not be loved by all but they are respected. Indiscipline leads to shame and reproach. Accepting discipline may not be the easiest thing to do but there are great benefits when you accept it. 

The Dream Centre is a house of training, a place of divine discipleship that works Kingdom discipline into the fabric of your soul especially if you respond with the right heart. Make up  your mind to take discipline; it is for your good and for the good of your destiny. 

Till next week, go and win with Jesus 

God's Servant 

Rev. OlusolaAreogun 

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Rev Olusola Ayodele Areogun

Rev. Olusola Ayodele Areogun is an ordained minister of the Gospel. He serves the will of God in this generation as Author, Teacher, Church Planter and Mentor of Leaders for the next generation with varied ministerial exposure and experience. He also serves as a father and cover to many up and coming ministries.

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