If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land - From our Father's Heart (18/06/2017)

The Bible says if you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land. 

The root of problems between God and His people is divine instructions. Instruction is what keeps us within divine structure where our protection and prosperity is secured. 

Whenever you receive an instruction from the Lord, always commit yourself to obey. Delayed obedience usually becomes outright and eventual disobedience  to God.

 Disobedience to divine instruction was what caused Adam and Eve to lose their place in the garden of Eden. Every tragedy and problem in most people's lives today is not just the devil but it came as a result of one instruction or the other that was disobeyed, ignored, neglected or misunderstood. 

The greatest blessings from God comes when you obey divine instruction. Your provision for life and destiny are in the place of your obedience. For example, if I had followed my own desire and not obeyed God when He sent me to Ilesa on full time to earn N 10 per week, we would not be doing the ministry at the level we are today. I obeyed God, and we are all witnesses to His faithfulness today in my life and in the ministry. And as we continue, we shall meet with more of His faithfulness. 

God always rewards obedience to His instruction. If you study the Bible very well, everyone that crossed the path of God without redemption crossed it through disobedience to divine instructions. God took the kingdom from Saul because of that. That was what cost Eli his life and his two sons. Both of them died on the same day. You must understand that divine instructions are not to be taken lightly. 

Divine instructions can come to you through personal study of the word of God, in special meetings, or through His ordained servants to you. Take heed to them when they come and let them form the direction of your life. Don't be a Christian that gets carried away with the moves of God, and forgets the instructions that follow thereafter. Always write down your instructions, and go over them over and over until you have obeyed all without leaving anyone behind. 


Till next week, go and win with Jesus. 

God's Servant,

Rev. OlusolaAreogun. 

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Rev Olusola Ayodele Areogun

Rev. Olusola Ayodele Areogun is an ordained minister of the Gospel. He serves the will of God in this generation as Author, Teacher, Church Planter and Mentor of Leaders for the next generation with varied ministerial exposure and experience. He also serves as a father and cover to many up and coming ministries.

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