1. Those that will rule in the coming year are those that respect divine revelations and communications. Don’t make permanent decisions on first sight. Wait for more revelation and more unfolding before you make more commitments
  2. Do a watch on your diet, don’t eat yourself to the grave
  3. Do a study on the word ‘Rule’ and ‘Ruleth’ and also the word ‘Revelation’
  4. Get your medical status as of today. Get your medical checkup of how you are now and how you ought to be. Bring it before the Lord everyday of this prayer and fasting and you will break bread on it daily. (Do same for your financial life, career, ministerial and marital life – how it is now and how it should be)
  5. Make your daily seed in the multiple of 2022. Let God tell you what to do and stick to same amount all through the fast.
  6. Take heed to the Scriptures that God will be giving us all through the fasting period.
  7. We passover on the bridge of the covenant.



  1. Take the place of a student in the coming year.
  2. The Lord giving us a key into miracle in 2022.

20 / 22= 90.9% Let your prayer and praise be divided according to this ratio. 90% Praise 10% Prayer. You want to pray for one hour, use 20 / 22 to divide it.

LIFE SIMPLIFIED= 20 / 22= 90% Praise, 10% Prayer. The Lord will do 20 out of the 22. You will do the 2 simple ones.

  1. If it is getting complicated, withdraw and go to praise.



  1. In 2022, there will be many ‘we situations’, so don’t go alone and the ‘WE’ for you must be Jesus & I (Jesus and you). Don’t depend on the arm of flesh
  2. There will be some offers that will come, that will look like mountains. Many things will look like a mountain in 2022, but it is your change of season.
  3. Write the year 2022 beside Isaiah 45, it is one of the ruling word in 2022.



  1. Service your friendship with Jesus this year, he that must have friends must do friendly acts.
  2. Bring your family into the ark of safety now. If you have family members that are not saved, start bringing them into the ark of safety now. Mention their names before God.
  3. Those bearing Adeniran should
    1. Break the yoke of untimely death
    2. Get closer to the anointing. Wake up to your prophetic destiny. All members in this category should join the Awakening the Prophetic side of your destiny training program ongoing.
    3. Don’t waste
  1. Those that you have colleagues, friends and relatives, tell them about God and let them know their state and help them to know how to awaken to the prophetic side of their lives.
  2. Give your family prophesies and always listen to prophesy.
  3. If you are a Pastor joining online, break bread over your congregation and as a father, break bread over your family as well.



  1. God is calling us to closer intimacy with Him in 2022 on a personal level.
  2. Get out of pretense intimacy and come into real relationship with the Father. Practice unfeigned intimacy.
  3. Get back in the place of divine posting and location (Get back in place daughter!)
  4. Pastors are to check on their members today and find out those that are not in place in the light of the teaching of Day 6 prayers on same subject.



  1. Date today, September 7, 2021. You cut a covenant, you will always do the will of the Father. Make a commitment to God. Sign it, date it, 7/09/2021 I will do the will of God.
  2. Pledge your loyalty to the Father “Lord, I will do your will joyfully!”



  1. October 1st, 2021, we will be praying for Nigeria for 7hours from 6am.



  1. Study on the word PEACE. Jeremiah 29:11, Luke 12:51, John 14:27, Matthew 10:13, 2 Thessalonians 3:16, Philippians 1:28-29, Exodus 14:14, Isaiah 54:13, Psalm 119:165
  2. Anytime you sense you are being troubled, just begin to praise God. Lift up a canopy of praise.
  3. Watch-out against offences. Offences is one of the enemies of peace but your weapon to keep your peace is praise. Don’t take that bait. When offence is coming, something is coming. Refuse to take that bite.
  4. Peace is your weapon in the midst of warfare. Wear the garment of peace. Wear the shield of peace.


DAY 10

  1. Study the word COMMAND

His commandments are not grievous. God does not give you command that you can not obey. Our blessing is irreversible because it is a manifestation of divine command.

  1. You must not go physical in 2022. It will cause you to be deceived.


DAY 11

  1. In 2022, be careful before you borrow. Seek the face of the Lord first..there is a divine grant/sponsorship.


DAY 12

  1. Dream City, let your camp be holy. (Deut 23:14) This is not just talking about sin, but also attitude to God’s work, His presence and His things.
  2. God is restricting the expression of the creativity of some people because of the crookedness in their life, you must address this in the coming year
  3. Pastors, don’t do the work of God at a level that will displease Him. The least God expects from us is excellent.

DAY 14


Mark the following dates on your calendar (circle them), these are days of the Lord, corporately and personally. Set time apart. Some days we will fast, some days we are going pray, some days we will worship. Take note of those days personally. Mark the days in your calendar.

January 1 (First day)

February 1-2 (First 2 days)

March 1-3 (First 3 days)

April 1-4 (First 4 days)

May 1-5 (First 5 days)

June 1-6 (First 6 days)

July 1-7 (First 7 days)

August 1-8 (First 8 days)

September 1-9 (First 9 days)

October 1-10 (First 10 days)

November 1-11 (First 11 days)

December 1-12 (First 12 days)



3-Day program in 2022 tagged: BREAKFORTH!



Take note of Number 2 and 22. 2nd and 22nd of every month in 2022. BREAKING FORTH FASTING. Breaking forth power! Breaking forth strength! Personally, whether you are reminded or not. Some new levels, you will not be able to enter without divine push!


Day 18

  1. COVID-19 is very real, don’t let your guard down. Be very sensitive. It is affecting a lot of old people. Should you take the vaccine, yes, take it!
  2. Do your medical checkup. Its not a lack of faith .to do your medical check up, your faith needs a target.
  3. Don’t ever say you have a disease, say you have a diagnosis.


DAY 19

  1. Regularly bring sacrifices of praise to the Lord
  2. The last three days of the fasting, they are your divine appointment days personally. Set up an appointment time with the father for 1 hour, talk to the father, express your heart to him.
  3. Today’s worship is a memorial service. 3rd Sunday of every month, we would come for a sacrifice of worship like we did today. A memorial worship service.


DAY 22

  1. Go back to your first love and works in 2022. If it is not God first, it is not God accepted. Give your best commitment to God in the coming year.







  1. Everyone in their different groups of three, should note the names of senator, house of representatives, governors and deputy you’ve chosen. You’ll be praying for them in the next 22 days.
  2. Choose between the three
    1. Redemption of naira
    2. Woe unto unrighteous decrees
    3. Summoning of the right men
  3. Write down Personalities, Problem and Project, you will pray about it for the next 22 days
  4. Our daily schedule would look like these for these phase two
  • Monday – Friday ( 6:30 – 7:30am)
  • Saturday (8 -10am)
  • Sunday (It would happen in the church)
  1. For the phase two, Communion would be on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.



  1. Make the Father happy in 2022, love Him (Romans 8:28).
  2. Always check your motive before you come to the Father. Let your service be motivated by your love for Him.



  1. Sing this song over your children, family, people you are trusting God in their life. For your son/husband/relative in hospital:

Oyi biribiri yi kan mi o (x3)

Aanu Oluwa yi kan mi o

  1. Your answer is your possession. Be careful what you answer to going forward.



  1. In 2022, Whatever you do, don’t allow anything replace God in your life.
  2. In 2022, young men and ladies should take yourself seriously before God, because God is choosing the next of leaders.
  3. Those between 18 and 35, you should come back between 5 and 6pm to pray and throughout the week.
  4. There is a five years window  to harness you into the program of God for your life.
  5. Those within the 35-40 age group you are the first set to be cropped into the leadership flow, take yourself seriously. Also join them to pray between 5 and 6pm today
  6. We going to be praying for the month of February tomorrow during the day 5 of the fasting and prayer. Come with your calendar tomorrow.
  7. Those Personalities, Problem and Project you wrote endeavour to bring them daily and pray over them, you’ll drop them in the bowl on the altar.



  1. God wants you to give him 28 days of worship in the month of February. Both personally and corporately. Note it down, so that you won’t forget. Pastor should monitor this, to ensure it is done locally.



  1. We would continue from where we stopped today during the fasting and prayer tomorrow. Praying along the same points.
  2. Today’s prayer is critical, you can continue to pray this prayer, If you sense you should still continue to pray, find some time during your working hours and pray. You could also stay behind in church and spend some more 30 minutes.



  1. Every region to pray, We would be praying from Sunday till Friday (1 hour daily) On Saturday it would be for 7 hours. We would replicate the same on corresponding days in the month of April 2022.
  2. For the month of April 2022, the prayer would be between 3rd and 9th you should do your 7 hours on the 9th day of that month. One hours daily and 7 hours on the 7th day.



  1. God does not owe, he is a divine compensator, don’t be weary in well doing; divine compensation is your reply for the mockers. Don’t forget may the month of our covenant compensation.
  2. As we pray through each of these months in the year 2022, If your birthday falls in any of the month of year 2022, start to receive and call forth your birthday gifts for those days.
  3. Be careful about mother and daughter transfers, it is a serious kind of deliverance cases. Don’t be emotional about relating with them.


Day 9

  1. Don’t receive any demonic assistance along the way. Criminal assistance that can get you to jail, Sinful counsel and Occult support.
  2. Don’t take fetish things, don’t let them take your case somewhere else. Don’t accept anything that is in direct violation of God’s will.
  3. Don’t let anybody adjust your age to stay long, Don’t let them rearrange your destiny, it could finances, it could be your health or ministry.
  4. Don’t accept any ancestral similarity in your life.
  5. Don’t replace anything divine with something demonic.
  6. For Sunday(day 10 fasting and prayers) would be during the service
  7. And the regional pastor would take their session afterwards.
  8. For Monday – Friday ( I won’t be coming up, the fasting and prayer would be on a regional level) I would be coming up again on Saturday.

DAY 17

  1. Whenever you wake up in the morning, pay your debt of gratitude to God. Remember to be grateful no matter how small you think it is.
  2. Read 1 corinthians 12 for the next 30 days because this is your gift.
  3. Put your name on sheet of paper, Add October, November and December, we would break bread over it , note those months, they are peculiar months and they would stand out.
  4. The last five days of the fasting(18-22nd October, 2021) Mondays to Friday are days of praise and worship 6:30am to 7:30am
    1. Monday  – Married men
    2. Tuesday – Brothers working  Class
    3. Wednesday  – Male and Female Students
    4. Thursday  – Single workers Sisters
    5. Friday – Married women
  5. Two Psalms that will be declared over the days. Psalm 65 and 67.






  1. For phase 3, The great physician is recovering people, so bring pictures of family members and all your medical report.
  2. Our Fasting seed for this phase would follow the same pattern but make it  of higher order.
  3. The Fasting and prayer would be between 7pm and 7am but if you genuinely stayed late at work, you could extend it till 8pm, the essence is to miss dinner and we are expecting a greater communication of heaven to us.
  4. For tonight, You can decide to still continue in this worship, if you want to flow in that spirit don’t stop the flow.



  1. I perceive that our day 4 prayer and fasting meeting would be by 9pm, but you would be communicated on how that would be on various church channels.
  2. Worship times are healing times in Dream city, join your family members to this move.
  3. I perceive that from now on we will be experiencing healing worship.



  1. Those of you working in Zion, protect your record as workers in Zion. Whatever you are doing in Zion, giving an offering, do it with all your heart. And protect your records in Zion.
  2. Tomorrow’s worship, Saturday would be 6pm because of the Sunday Service. But Sunday worship time would be our usual time, 12am. And on Monday there would not be early morning worship.


  1. To the pastor, Dimensions of the help, name three areas that you are supposed to help me do this ministry better.
  2. For the Stewards, Name three areas that you can help the Pastor do the ministry better.
  3. For the members, three areas you can help your pastor, name them and send them to your pastor.



  1. As from next week, there would be Pastoral services from 8-10am, after 10am there would be Apostolic services for leaders, Pastors, Stewards.
  2. If you met someone in church and you want to get in financial interactions with the person, let the church be aware. Inform your pastor
  3. No money for church goes into my private account, it goes into the church account. Or any other committee in church, no money goes to the leader’s account, it must go into church account.
  4. Fasting and Prayer Day 7 will be 12 midnight, No early morning worship tomorrow.



  1. Look for all the scriptures on the rock and study them.
  2. Make sure you sing this song tonight.

Rock grace/2x

Rock power/2x

Rock anointing/2x

Its working for me right now


DAY 10

  1. For those of you with a Land, go to Land to do an effective worship and praise before Sunday.
  2. Pastors to do a 30-minute zoom praise and worship after the General one from today/tomorrow.
  3. On a personal level, everyone to always be free to extend their worship after the corporate one.


DAY 13

  1. God said the my assignment for 2022 has been completed, today is a bonus worship to the father. From tomorrow worship would take another form as Pastors would lead their members to worship God. Let it be on a region basis and everyone should endeavour to participate as their would be distribution.
  2. All the choirs should come for 7 days retreat of praise.



  1. Even if there is no general 4th phase, do a personal 4th phase from December 1-22