Living the Divinely Assisted Life Part 2


God  made you for a purpose. If God  called you to be a professional that is what you are anointed for. We are all made different from one another, but every child of God is to serve the purpose of God. God made Esther beautifully different from every other girl of her time. For her to have become the queen of Persia and not deliver Israel would have been to miss the purpose of God for giving her the throne. Wrong discipleship comes in when people get to the place of destiny and they have wrong purposes there.

Once you find your assignment in the Kingdom, settle down and do it. Whether you are a governor, a president, a prime minister, a senator, a businessman or a housewife, God has an assignment for you. As a housewife, God had an assignment for Mary to provide a womb for Jesus to be born. He had an assignment for Joseph, a businessman, to provide a home atmosphere where Jesus could grow up in the disciplines of the Jewish religion, so that He could enter the ministry of a prophet under the Old Testament and He could fulfill His calling. Every child of God must know the assignment God raised him/her for. For Esther, she had to become queen so as to be able to have the clout and authority to speak to the king to counter Haman’s plot and facilitate the salvation of the people of God. That was what Mordecai told her in the book of Esther 4:14: “Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom  for such a time as this?” Her being at the king’s palace was not accidental; it was a deliberate, purposeful, timed, designed arrival. When you get to where you are going, it’s a process of God and you will be able to trace your journey and how God guided your steps.


Understand that while we are here on earth, we are on official duty. Don’t forget that. God can make your life comfortable for your assignment. It’s amazing how people think that God is interested in their suffering, but you must have a balanced idea of what God planned for you. A sister who was in error once told me that God said I should give her ₦130,000 to buy land for her ministry. She said I should sell my car to do so and that God would give me a helicopter in return. You know that’s crazy! If I sold my car and I start to walk on foot, how does that help my ministry?

Secondly, I was clear that my assignment at that time did not require a helicopter. I was using all my faith to fuel and service the car I had then, if I got a helicopter, where will I get money to pay the salary of the pilot and where will I park the helicopter? When you think about that, you know it was the devil that was speaking through that lady. But if my ministry requires a helicopter, God will send one. Whatever your assignment on the earth requires, that  is what God funds. God funds the assignment He commits to your care. Ask yourself: Which of the things I am currently doing and labouring over is my divine assignment? Assignment is not the same as job. God will promote you at your job supernaturally and miraculously for your assignment, so you must find that assignment. If you don’t connect to assignment, there is no divine commitment to you.

God is not just interested in making you wealthy, but He is

concerned with the purpose for the wealth. God is not going to take money from the hand of a foolish sinner and put it in the hand of a foolish Christian. He displaced Vashti and put Esther there who was going to use that place correctly and when she was about to miss it, Mordecai said, “...maybe you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this....” Mordecai was in essence saying, “It means you have been prepared for this hour; this is the meaning to all your training. This is the reason why your father died and God ordered that I mentor you.”


God does not have to look at your bank account before he tells you to do something for him. If God is going to tell you to do something, he is going to look at what is in each of the accounts. These accounts were opened on your behalf but you may not be servicing those accounts, and they may be dormant. The devil has never been the problem of God’s people; it is the strength of our faith or the feebleness of our faith. You don’t have any problem really; you may need more faith or more wisdom somewhere but along these seven accounts you have to nurture and service them.

Obedience Account: I have operated these account now for 35 years and in an official capacity that God called me and showed me his plan for me. This is his purpose for my life and in this 36th year, I have not knowingly disobeyed the directions of God except the one I’m not sure that God wants me to do but I have obeyed all. Our salvation is the manifestation of the obedience of Jesus Christ. Your obedience and disobedience can have generational consequences. All these accounts are opened, angels are recording, God is watching it, and once he tells us to do something, he gives us that instructions in those accounts.

Faith Account: You cannot cast your knowledge beyond the level of faith you have. If your faith is low, you won’t cast your fear upon God; you will carry your care yourself. It takes faith to cast your care on the Lord. As your faith grows, the capacity to interact beyond your faith you do not see will be increasing. When your faith is low, you tend to interact with the people and problems you see and it is very important that we live the life of faith. Understand that when you got born again, certain critical changes took place and you must know how to manage those changes.

Wisdom Account: It was the wisdom account that Solomon had that gave him his victory; not every born again person is wise. Wisdom is ability to use knowledge to your advantage and you have that account.

Relationship Account: One of the marks of wisdom that you see in people’s life is how they handle relationships in their life. You must be able to recognize critical relationships₦ whether it is small or big. Ability to recognize the people that belong to the past, to today and to tomorrow, and distinguish between them is very important because everybody in your life belongs to one of these three periods: yesterday, today and tomorrow. You have to learn how to handle relationships because there are some things that  you do not have but another person that you know will have. How strong is your relationship with God? There are men that God will bring cross your path for different reasons and you have to be sensitive about that.

Calling Account: You have an account of the calling before you were born. God called you as a spirit and put you in a body as a human body.

Anointing Account: And then you are here to go with your calling an anointing. The anointing makes the calling easy and walkable.

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