From our Father's Heart (19/08/2018)

Dearly Beloved,

I want to show you today some DON’TS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT you must avoid as you ENTER INTO THE WORLD OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. Taking note of these will keep you safe as you grow in your relationship with the Holy Spirit. 

1. Don't ignore Him. One of the ways by which the Holy Spirit contacts us is through CONSTRAINT and RESTRAINT. Ignoring this communication of the Holy Spirit is preparing for a future of pain. Constraint means to make somebody do something by force or by strong persuasion, that is, something that limits one’s freedom of action. Constraint is a strong inner pressure to go ahead. Some versions of the Bible render constraint as compel. Therefore, it is possible for your spirit-man to compel you to do something. RESTRAINT is an equally strong inner pressure not to go ahead. Do not ignore Him whenever He brings the signals to you. You are only refreshed when you do what the spirit constrains you to do. 

2. Don't grieve Him. Ephesians 4:30 says “ And grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.” Avoid like a plague activities that make a man to grieve the Holy Spirit. Wrath, anger, disobedience to a divine instruction, bitterness, evil-speaking, malice, envy, to mention a few are some of the activities that grieve the Holy Spirit. 

3. Don't take Him for granted. No man can stand the consequence of taking the Holy Spirit for granted, so don’t do it. 

4. Do not belittle Him by calling Him something or an influence. The Holy Spirit is not a thing or an influence, He is a person. Calling Him something or an influence is belittling His personality. Stop saying something tells me to do it as a born-again, recreated and renewed person. Stop trivializing divine communications from your spirit-man. 

5. Do not disobey Him. 1 Sam. 15:10-23. Do not disobey the instructions of the Holy Spirit. Saul the King of Israel did not recover from it. Make it your daily practice to obey Him. I made a decision many years ago that I WILL NOT WILLFULLY OR KNOWINGLY DISOBEY THE HOLY SPIRIT and I have kept to that till date. You can also do the same. These are decisions that keep your relationship safe with the Holy Spirit. 

6. Don't treat Him like a spare-tyre. Don’t have a sugar-daddy kind of relationship with the Holy Spirit. There are individuals that want to come to God only when they have problems and once the problem is solved, they return back to their former way of life. Don’t also come to Him after you have tried all the other things and it didn’t work out. Let the Holy Spirit be your first point of call in every situation of life. 

7. Do not trivialize His operations in you or through you. Holy Spirit operations in you will be a CUSTOMIZED OPERATION. You must develop confidence in Him. Once you break into the realms of the Holy Ghost, the realms of the exceeding abundantly above becomes your normal life. He knows where all the resources you need in this world are. 

8. Don't take the place of Jesus in anything. You must always allow Jesus to lead in the affairs of your life. Let Him BE LORD.

9. Do not strive with Him. Gen. 6:3 says “And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man…….” I wrote a book LOSE TO WIN or WIN TO LOSE. When a man continually strives with the Holy Spirit, a time will come the Holy Spirit will LOSE TO HIM. When that happens, disaster is imminent. Never allow the Holy Spirit to LOSE TO YOU. You should lose to the Holy Spirit and eventually you will win at the end. 

10. Do not attack spiritual authorities. David said who will touch the Lord's anointed and be guiltless. When someone is operating under the anointing be careful. If you want the Holy Ghost to move in your life, be careful what you attack. If a leader fails and your conscience can't walk with him any longer, you have a right to walk away. Do not join people to attack spiritual authorities.

It shall be well with you in Jesus name. 

Till next week, go and win with Jesus.

God’s Servant,

Rev. Olusola Areogun.


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