Examples of Weights and Balances

Texts: 2 Cor. 13:5, Prov.6:2, Is 1:15-17, Rom.6:12, 1Sam 6:7


Always put it in mind that the terms weight, scales and balances mean justice, right conscience, correct standard, being straight, qualities that make a man acceptable etc.

Let’s see few examples of people that put themselves on the scale and measured up according to God’s standards.

- Samuel- 1Sam.12:3-5

Samuel could confidently talk of his integrity before the nation of Israel, and they all testified that he was a true man of integrity.

- Jesus- Matt.16:13-16

By what they saw His life, it was not difficult to conclude that He was Christ. His life before them opened them up to the right flow before God.

- Paul 1Cor.9:1-27

He could talk of his life and ministry, everything done in a blameless manner, carefully, labouring with no compromise whatsoever.

- Rechabites- Jer.35:1-12

They became God’s example of a people that will be obedient to their father’s instruction no matter the pressure from anywhere.

When God weighs a man, he either passes or gets promoted, or he is found wanting, i.e. weighs less than expected and he is set side, not fit for the master’s use.

The people we have looked at lived their lives, weighing themselves already by the Lord’s standard so they could measure up.

They didn’t live to violate their conscience, nor choose the pleasure of the world above the kingdom of God’s value system. If you judge yourself, you’ll not be judged. 1Cor.11:30

Examine yourself

If you bring God’s word and the voice of the Holy Spirit to be the standard with which you measure your life, you’ll never be found wanting. But if you move with worldly fashion and style, the flesh demands and human examples some of which are satanically inspired or fleshly governed according to Eph.2:1-2, then you’ll be found wanting when you stand before God, now in time or in eternity.

Make God’s word your scale, your standard and your rule and it shall be well with you in Jesus’ name

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