Importance and Significance of Weights or Measures


Texts: Micah 6:11, Prov. 16:11, Deu.25:13-16


Weights could be literal or implied. Literal in terms of things used to get the accurate measure or value of a thing such as scales, tape rule, containers, kegs, bowls, certificate after a course, exam results from one class to the other etc. this enables one to know the level, the true worth and value. A weight is a neutral judge. It simple spells out what is there!

Weights or measures could be implied; just weight may refer to being right, telling the truth, having integrity, innocence, being straight forward, right standard or correct values.

Many people want to pay less and take more, or sell less and collect more money, cheat others, tell lies, pretend, add or remove things for more or illegal gain, change figures, bear false witness; all these may bring more money, more promotion or more physical advancement in physical life but does great damage to the conscience of a man, especially the believer and as he deals with the just weight so is he inside- straight or bent- the money you move from right thing to please the flesh, the more you are shifting from God’s presence to where His life, voice and power can’t reach you. The doctrine of just weight is highly essential.

May you be richly blessed as we go into this series in the name of Jesus.

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