The Position that a Christian must take In these last days

Rev 3:7-22, Mark 24: 3,4, 10-12

The Christians in Philadelphia : The Christians in Philadelphia are example true Christians who stand for God’s word and His name in these last days. They are said to have strength, they kept the word of God and there was nothing that could take the name of Jesus from their mouth. God’s Strength, the Word of God and the Name of Jesus are three major things that the devil has stolen from Christians’ lives today. And he has turned several churches to synagogue of Satan.

These Christians have not denied him. They have not believed false teachers. They have had persecution, yet they have not said that they do not know their Lord. They have little strength. But they had achieved a great deal. They have really repented. God therefore, promised that they will become pillars in the temple of God (Rev. 3 v.12). This church may have been small in number or in material resources, but God was going to make them strong. They are promised an open door. In Scripture, an open door refers to an opening to preach the Gospel (Acts 5 v.19-20), and the rapture of the Church (Rev. 4 v.1). 

There is no difference, really, in someone who follows Satan and someone who pretends to be a Christian.  Both are lost. The "synagogue of Satan" is just a place of worship where God is not Lord. A body of Christians meeting could also be a synagogue of Satan, if the true Word of God is not taught and received. God’s judgment to such people is the hour of temptation. This refers to the Great Tribulation described in Mat. 24 vs 15-22.

In these end times, God is opening many tremendous doors of opportunity and there is always an inherent danger of failing to advance at Christ's command. You may feel you have only a little strength, but God can make you a strong and mighty pillar in His Kingdom, a spiritual warrior who is able to walk through every door He opens. 

Let me ask you: What is holding you back from fulfilling God's call for your life? Is it fear, finances, your health, or challenges? Never give up in your Christian journey!

The condition of a Backslidden Christian! Rev 3:14-22

The church in Laodicea is a description of backslidden Christians. Those that have once been in faith but because of deceitfulness of riches and pride of life they lost the life of God. Their problem is that they do not know that God has left them. How many of us are living our lives with such assumption? Read Luke 2:43-44. 

The description of such kind Christians: Rev 3:17-18.

1. Poor. Matthew 6:19-20. Your true wealth is in quantity of treasures you laid up in heaven. How much of you is being given unto the work of God. The Laodicea Christians have abandoned kingdom service for the earthly shows. 

2. Blind. Isaiah 43:8. Matthew 13:15-16. This is spiritual insensitivity.  Blindness to the things of God. 

3. Naked. Gen 2:16-17; 3:7-11. This is what happens to a man that violates divine instructions. The glory of the Lord covered Adam and Eve in the garden, but when they lost it they resulted to fig leaves, which could not cover their nakedness.

The believers at Laodicea were spiritually lukewarm and Christ said their condition must be remedied. Jesus tells this church to get excited about serving Jesus and repent of their Luke warmness. When Jesus returns, we must be found working. Work for the night is coming when no man work. John 9:4.

 How do you know if you are lukewarm? Ask yourself these questions: 

- Are you committed to evangelism? 

- Are you committed to living a holy life? 

- Is your heart set on the things of God?

- Are you committed to your local church services? 

- Are you committed to spending time in prayer, worship and the Word? 

- How serious do you take the assignments in your hand?

- Among other…

Behold, He stands at the door, knocking: if you can hear His voice, and open the door of your life, He will come in to you, and will dine with you. He does not want you to continue like this because He loves you. Start a fresh walk with God and it shall be well with you. 


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    This message is loaded may the lord grant us the grace to maintain our stand.

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