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Dearly Beloved,

Life has two sides, the  practical  side  and  the  prophetic side, and  you must  work  the  two  very  well  in these  days we are stepping into. When you get into a zone and it looks like there is destruction   ahead, you will need to take heed to the prophetic  at that  moment.  Handling  these  two sides  of life will help  us to know the difference between  the different  situations   and what to do at such instances.

Isaiah   60:19   says rt   The sun shall be no more thy light by day; neither for brightness  shall the moon give light unto thee: but the Lord shall  be unto  thee an everlasting  light,  and thy  God  thy glory."Do you know what God is saying here? That is a prophecy that  a time will come  that what used to work normally will no longer  work. This is talking  of the time when what is normal  and usual  can't  face what  you are  facing. At such times,  men  are separated  from men:  some will go under, and some will go over. It is my declaration  that you will not be among those that will go under, but you will go over.

When the Israelites   were in Egypt,  there was darkness  in Egypt but light in Goshen.  All the evil touching the Egyptians were not touching  them.  So any Egyptian that was wise would come to the Israelites   for help.  And God is saying this is the time  He wants to begin to draw the attention  of the world to His  children.  When Christians fail in life, it is not the name of Jesus  that failed; it was their faith that failed.

God wants you to take along  this year the WAY OF FAITH.  If you take this  way, your sun won't  go down.  It sounds so simple  in teaching but it is not so in practice!   If you take the way of faith, you can only go up.  God will only meet you at the point of your faith. Faith is the currency  of the kingdom.  At the end of faith is always  someone   called  God,  and  at  the  end  of fear  is  also someone  called satan.  If you have fear, don't step out, otherwise the devil  is  going to mess you up bad!  Don't  step out  in  fear pretending  to be in faith. There will be a time  God will give you an opportunity  to declare your faith.  I  have not come to ask you to do something  stupid but to tell you the key that God is giving us for the days ahead. Don't  try to prepare  another  person's faith  but your own faith,  don'ttry   to declare another  person's faith but your own faith.  Your faith  knows exactly  what you can deal  with now. Your faith  determines   the degree of the supernatural   experiences  you have. What is  delaying  you is not the devil, it is your faith.

Most of you are used to salary  and we entering  into the days that the sun will no more be your light by day. Whatever  God gives you, you will take it first by faith before you take it by cash. You will do your natural  work, but what is the force that is backing and supporting  you? Just one day that fear adds to your time can add #lOmillion  to your cost.  Many people are sending  their  children  to a school  lesser  than  what  they actually  desire  because oflack of faith.

You cannot take anything  that God gives you if you don't  take it by faith, how long will you keep postponing?  When are you going to take a decision and say, "Lord, I  will take it now"? What can your faith take?Thatis  where you will find God!

Till next week, go and win with Jesus.

God's Servant

Rev. Olusola  Areogun.

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  • oluwayemi

    Thank u Daddy. I'm blessed today

    posted by oluwayemi Sunday, 12 February 2017 22:49 Comment Link
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