How To Be a Correct Christian in a World of Pollution and Mixtures (Part 2)


Last  week,  we  studied on the problems that plague today's Christians and your duties in this world of pollution and mixtures. There is an urgent need for Christians to wake up to their responsibilities and stop creating confusions. There no longer exists a clear demarcation between most Christians and the rest of the world.

Let me ask you this question;  are you a Thermometer Christian or a Thermostat Christian? Do you change the world around you or you end changing into the world around you? Ask yourself this morning. As we've seen so far, we as Christians  are to represent  God's glory to the world, and in doing this, there are many roles God expects us to play  on earth.  Let go a little further today by looking  at the roles  a true Christian  should play:

1.You Are To Be A Man/Woman Of Great  Faith. Hebrews 11:3, Romans 10:17 ,John 5: 14-15

In the bible, we hear many stories of great men of faith and men of great faith. As Christians,   God has called  us to function as men of great  faith  in the  world.  Faith  is the  basic  foundation  on which Christianity    rests.  Faith  is  the  structure   on which  we stand  as Christians;   it  is by faith that we can properly accept God's   word through the Bible,  through His servants and directly to our hearts.  A Christian  who doesn't  walk in faith is like a man who doesn't  know he's a human being and spends his life living like an animal. Another reason we need faith  is because it is our prescribed  means ofliving on the earth Habakkuk  2:7  says "Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: But the just  shall live by his faith."  Everything you  need  to fulfill  your  divine  destiny  to the  fullest  is  already available  for you. All you need to do is to reach out in faith and claim it. a look at how to acquire  and develop  our faith. Start  putting  faith  into  practice.  Consider   this, if you want to learn how to drive and all you do is spend your time reading the Theory of Driving,  you'll  never really  know how to drive until you get out yourself and drive  a car. So also,  to develop  your faith,  you must learn  to put everything  you've heard  into practice  in your daily activities.

2.You are To Be A Minister Of The Gospel

To be  a minster  of the  gospel   doesn't  necessarily  mean  you'll officially become a pastor, but like we saw in the previous chapter, every Christian  was given the primary commission  to win souls  for Him,  wherever  they find themselves  on the face of the earth. The descriptions  of this  role can be found in Matthew  28:19-20   and Mark  16:15-18.    This  point  was  dealt   extensively   with  in  the previous  chapter.

3 .You Are To Be An Intercessor.Ephesians 6:18

No matter where you find yourself on the face of the earth,  you must be   ready   to  pray   always.    Prayer   is   the   primary    tool   of communication  with God  for us as Christians  and  it's extremely important  for  you  to  develop  your  intercessory   ability.  As a Christian,   it  is  your  responsibility   to  intercede  for your  fellow Christians,   church,  family,  friends,   town,  state,  nation,   and when God leads,  people you don't  even know. A good intercessor  needs high spiritual  stamina  and the only way to get that stamina  is by praying  now. The more you engage in  intercession,   the stronger your 'intercessory  muscles' develop. Don't spare yourself. Take intercession   serious,  you'll  never know when a loved  one needs your prayer  urgently.  And you really cannot give what you don't have.

4. YouAre To Be A Leader.

No matter what your position  at church or at your place  of work is, God has called you to lead  in a capacity somewhere  and sometime  to a degree. You must remember  that there is  a difference  between those who lead and those who are in leadership.  Those who are in leadership have the title but may not necessarily  be the ones leading  everyone, but those who lead are those  who have taken their development   process serious and now have the capacity, spiritual  wisdom,  spiritual  depth and sensitivity to lead others. In every situation,  it's the man who knows what to do that will end up leading everyone else. How do you prepare  yourself for leadership?  Simple and straightforward: take your church  membership  serious.  Don't shy away from any assignment  given to you by your pastor,  instead  embrace  it wholeheartedly.   Effective followership   of the leadership  structure  in your church ignites  the fire ofleadership dormant in your heart.

5. You Are To Be A Soldier. Ephesians  6:10-18

We are at war. Christianity  is an active warfare  against the devil and his cohorts not a "Sunday Fashion Contest:'  The devil  hates you, he hates God and wants  to ruin  your life and the worst thing  you can do  as a soldier  is to approach a battlefield  unaware and unprepared for the war on ground.  Sadly enough,  this  is  how most of Christians   are. Let us look  at what Paul  says in Ephesians   6 about warfare.

The key points  from the above scripture are:

  1. You need to be prepared to stand against the wiles of the devil.
  2. We wrestle against principalities and powers not human beings.
  3. There  would  be an "evil day" when it seems like all hell just broke loose  in your direction  and you must be able  to withstand   in  that day. To conduct spiritual   warfare properly,  you must arm yourself  with
  4. the  following  things;  truth,  righteousness,  the gospel  of peace, FAITH,  salvation  and God's word. All  these things work hand in hand to help you effectively conduct spiritual  warfare.
  5. Lastly, you must take your prayer life very serious.   Develop   the
  6. stamina to be able to pray for a long time by praying for long periods of time.

6. You Are To Be A Scholar

You must actively seek divine  knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.  The more scriptures  you know and can use, the more effective your faith  can be and the less likely  the devil is to lie to you concerning   something  God had already said in the scriptures.  The Bible says in Proverbs 23:23 "Buythe truth, and sellit not; also wisdom, and instruction, and understanding."

You must spend your money not only  on clothes, food, etc. but on things that will edify and nourish   your spirit such as Christian  tapes, books, music. Also you must actively seek truth, wisdom, divine instruction  and understanding. One way you can do this, that many Christians  have overlooked for a long time, is  the art of taking notes in Church.  A lot of people  take notes but like bad students, they never read them. Make a plan  to go through all your sermon notes and refresh your mind and spirit with the truth that abounds in those notes.





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