Divine Agenda for Dream Centre Men

Every dream centre man should: 

1. Build their house

2. Pay off all debts

3. Have a saving equivalent to 6 months’ salary

4. Establish an NGO to influence a segment of the society for Christ

5. Become a family unit leader

6. Win a minimum of 12 souls personally to Christ in the year and added to church

7. Complete MIMMP this year

8. Don’t miss a bible study service in the year without a genuine reason

9. Attend 52 Sunday services

10. Provide quality leadership for your family

11. Establish at least one additional stream of income apart from salary current source

12. Take your spouse out for a fun weekend away from home

13. Pray at least one hour a day

14. Read through the bible in the year

15. Don’t miss a tithe

16. Acquire an additional skill this year


17. Be a part of Head Quarter building in cash and in kind till finishing.

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