Scriptural Prayers for your Husband

TEXT: Psalm 128:1-end, 1 Samuel 30, Isaiah 65

Introduction: Stop complaining about your husband, stop quarreling with him, stop getting bitter at him, stop competing against him, stop comparing yourself with him, stop rating him on his weakness and failure, stop comparing him with others that have success that can be seen, stop all malice, bickering and rancour, STOP, STOP, STOP! 

What are you to do? PRAY, PRAY, PRAY!!! Your prayers can make all the difference, your prayer of faith (scripture based prayers) can move God and God will move him (Pro 21:1 –quote pls). Stop yelling at him, talk to God… and God will talk to him. When God talks to your husband there will be a greater result that when you talk to him

Below are prayers to pray for your husband.

1, Gen 2:16, Gen 3:9, Gen 4:6,Gen 6:13, Gen 12:1-3, 13:14, 15:1, Gen 26: 2-3,Gen 28:13-16, Exo 3:1-2, Josh 1:1, Acct 9:3-6

Lord appear to him, Lord encounter him, Lord talk to him, Lord direct him, Lord change him as you did for Adam, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Paul. God is no respecter of persons, if He did it in the bible, He will do it today!

2, Psalm 68:6

Lord set him under a God-ordained father among God-fearing friends

3, Gen 18:18-19

Lord work on him to reveal yourself to him-Don’t hide your plan from him. Open his spirit to your revelations, directions and step.

4, Psalm 121:5-8

Divine protection as he goes up and down.

5, 2Chro 18:31, Psalm 68:30

God to move away him destroyers, seducers, deceivers, confusionists etc.

6 Pray Ps 125:3-

  Satan’s rod won’t rest on him at work, at home, in church

7 Psalm 128:1-6

          - He will eat the labour of his hands, due rewards for hard labour (Isaiah 65:21-24). He will be fulfilled, it will be well with him.

          - You will be a fruitful vine for him, your children as olive plants growing well and bringing multiple blessings to the home.

          - Receive for him, his portion out of Zion.

          - He will eat the good and partake of the agenda of God in his days

         - He will see his children’s children.

Finally, Pray the prayers that Abigail prayed for David. (1Sam 25:28-30)

- God to make him a sure house

- God to fight his battles

- God to bind his soul in the bundle of life & sling that of his enemies out.

- God to do for him all the good that He has spoken concerning him.

- God to appoint him a ruler, leader, king.

He will surely remember you as he steps unto the platform of glory God has designed/ordained for him. The more you prayer for him the better he becomes as a husband, father, human being.

Use your weapon of intercession and operate in marital victory!

Sow your seeds of intercession and walk in harvests of sweet marital comfort!

You are blessed.

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Rev (Mrs) Oyenike Areogun

Rev. Mrs. Oyenike Areogun is an ordained minister of the Gospel. She serves the will of God in this Generation as intercessor, Church Pastor, Pastor’s Wife, Mother, Conference Speaker and Church Administrator. She also operates in a prophetic ministry whose accuracy has brought increase and Joy to God’s people.

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