Rev. Olusola Areogun

General Overseer

Olusola Ayodele Areogun is an ordained minister of the gospel. He serves the will of God in this generation as author, teacher, church planter and mentor of leaders for the next generation with varied ministerial exposure and experience. He also serves as a Father and cover to many up and coming ministries.

Olusola Ayodele Areogun is the President of Sola Areogun Ministries Incorporated and the General Overseer of THE DREAM CENTRE OF THE LIFE OASIS INT’L CHURCHES. His daily Radio/TV programme, “Living By the Answer” is heard across Nigeria, Africa, U.K, Europe and the U.S. Other outreaches include Web of Wisdom Minister’s Conference, a bi-annual event to refresh and re-fire ministers of the gospel, the Living Jesus Ministerial Training Institute (a full time Bible School), Eagle Media, Spirit Meat (a freely distributed daily devotional guide) and Abundant Life House, the publishing arm has over one hundred and forty publications.


Doing it Right

The future does not belong to the man doing it quick, but the man doing it right

Church Attendance

Don’t attend a church that you can’t take the set man as your spiritual father

Take God Serious

I am a serious God, if you take me serious, I will take you serious

Set a Standard

The instrument that will set the standard cannot have a margin of error

Master two Subjects

How to live by faith and how to be led by the Holy Spirit

Bank of Destiny

Ensure you make daily deposits into your bank of destiny



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Glory to the name of the Lord

Glory to the name of the Lord.

I contacted the grace of God upon the servant of the Lord, Rev. Olusola Areogun during my days at the University of Ado-Ekiti through a message titled “What Does God Anoint?”. I was a member of the Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministries at the time but that message has never left me. Since that period up till now, the life and messages of the man of God has never failed to bless me.
I download his messages regularly from YouTube and share some of these messages with people around me. I live and work in Abuja now, and the daily radio broadcast has been a major boast. The ongoing “School of the Calling” has been a tremendous blessing.
I desire to meet him one day and tell him how much his life and messages have blessed me.

God bless you sir.

Samuel Adedotun Olugbenro
May 15, 2018

You are a Laborer Sir

It was year 1994

I first listened to a recorded teaching of the man sent from God

Daddy Olusola Ayodele Areogun

I didn’t get to sit in his meetings until 1996

That meeting was a life changing encounter with God

I became strongly aware of the call of God

Thank you Sir for AI97 Isokun Street, Ilesa.

My home away from home

I remember passing some nights in that auditorium with other folks for teaching meetings

Several hours of teachings and impartations took place there

How can I forget in a hurry “God of Breakthroughs Conventions” 1999 and 2000 editions particularly?

Supernatural Living in 21st century

Face to Face with destiny

Tagged the above mentioned themes respectively

Thank you for your labour in the Word and doctrine Sir…

Winning with Jesus Radio Ministry

Living by the Answer (Daily Radio Programme on OSBC)

Osogbo City Bible Conference

SIMMP…Simplifying destiny for men


Web of Wisdom Ministers Conference

Baba, you are a labourer Sir

Thank you for those corrections and rebukes Sir

My life is better because of them

Words are inadequate to appreciate you for the access you graciously gave to me Sir

Happy 35th year Anniversary Sir

Ko ni su yin, ko ni re yin Sir

Agbara otun ni ti yin loruko Jesu

E pe fun wa Sir


Adedayo Ponnle
May 15, 2018

I use to say before

I use to say before I joined the Dream center that I have lost my way back to the world but at a time I didn’t know where I was standing I couldn’t find my balance and with serious hunger for the truth it was at that point I meet the ministry through dstv channel 345. Now I am too sure of my salvation and through the mentorship and exemplary life daddy and mummy I am getting better as a wife,mother,daughter,sister and in every area. Only eternity will reveal how great full I am. Thank you daddy and mummy for giving to the Lord

May 13, 2018

35 years ago, I was

35 years ago, I was somewhere
With no identity, fathers input and portion,
wandering with no specific purpose
sojourning life’s maze with no direction
But like the revival of old,
a move of God was birthed on the face of the earth
though, I was geographically absent but spiritually
contained in the container calling of My Father.

Since then the echoes of the container calling began to beam,
And it is still beaming across the globe to all sons and daughters –
calling men to the highest purpose of God for their life.

My father, My Mentor –
The sonship spirit you instill in us confidence and competence
to stand shoulder high among the princes of the world
with right values, garment of respect and honour

My father, My Hero –
It is my pride to be a son.
I celebrate the faithfulness and commitment
of God to a man sent.

My father, My Instructor –
Your instructions are our safety, our ladder
And connections to partake in divinity and
the supernatural amongst men

My father, My Manual –
Your teachings and counsels are not just words to obey
They are firstly lifestyle you have lived and proven

My father, My Example –
Your simplicity, practicality and humility
is worthy of imitation

My father, My Model –
Your life is patterned and structured
for us to follow

My father, My Leader –
The force and strength of your leadership harnesses
our diversities, complexities, differences and
capacity for the highest purpose of God

My father, My Pacer –
You set for us destiny standard and markers
and consistently awakens us to the sense of timing

My father, My Pride –
It is a great privilege to be numbered among
your sons – The Areogun Calling Dynasty

My father, My Ladder –
Your heart reaches for the lowly in the miry clay
and connects them to structures for the higher life.

My father, My Father –
You never give up on us; you nurture us from
cradle to stardom, always laboring to create platforms
for sons to manifest their highest calling in life

Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary Dad.

Adekola Lekan
May 13, 2018

Daddy has been a very good role model to me

Daddy has been a very good role model to me,i can boldly say that it was through him that my foundation in the world of God was built. Still in my tennage years, i have really matured in the Spirit and can now dissect the word and am usually invited to come teach the word. i am a redeemer but also an areogun breed.

Ekong Emmanuel Joshua
May 13, 2018

*I and my family appreciate

*I and my family appreciate God for giving us Daddy and Mummy to this generation of which we are a beneficiary of their yielding to God’s call. The ministry of Daddy and Mummy gave us a new name just like Elisabeth mother of John the Baptist was giving a new name ,the yoke of barrenes of 8years was broken, and when devil came again to destroy our testimony the anointing of where a leave falls a branch shoot instead and better replacement came to our rescue ,the long negative ancestral flows was shattered through the ministration of Daddy and Mummy over our life. My wife and I now on daily basis are getting better through the understanding supplied by Daddy’s teaching of pure and undilluted God’s word and our divine purpose in life and destiny is getting more clearer to us on daily basis. Thank you Daddy, thank you Mummy for your love and good fathering we have enjoyed over the years. You did not relate with us based on our physical status when God joined us to you as our spiritual parents ,but you did base on our destines . we appreciate you today as you celebrate 35yrs of yielding to God’s call and giving total obedience to all his instructions. Your obedience to God’s instructions has been a great blessing to us. Happy birthday sir. Mr and Mrs Yemi Obiremi. DC Ila and DC Hqtrs.*

Mr and Mrs Yemi Obiremi
May 12, 2018

I got a scholarship


After I saw my 2nd semester 100 level result back in my university days, my grades dropped from a 4.86 to 4.44.
I sent daddy a message on Whatsapp informing him about it. He told me to see him in osogbo which I did. I was amazed that I could get an audience I didn’t even request for.

While waiting for my turn, I observed that while pastors were addressed by daddy, they would kneel or squat. When it got to my turn, I was going to do the same but daddy offered me a seat. In my mind, I just told myself that even my pastor was kneeling small boy like me would now seat. lol 😂 . Daddy prayed for me and he asked few questions.

3 things that I took from the encounter
1. Daddy gave me audience- he replied my Whatsapp message and told me to see him- father
2. He offered small boy like me a seat when it was my turn. He wanted me comfortable- father
3. He was concerned. He prayed for me- father

When I got to 200 level, I got a scholarship.

Thank you papa!

Omotayo Bolu

Omotayo Bolu
May 12, 2018

Daddy, through the Holy Ghost,

Daddy, through the Holy Ghost, helps me to know the word of God intimately. One oof my greatest desire is for my family and I to meet dady. I will be so glad. Happy birthday sir. from my family and I with love, shesan.

Abiodun-benson, Shesan
May 12, 2018

Happy Birthday, Dad

Happy Birthday, Dad

I have so many to say but I don’t know how best to put it.

I am not just celebrating your birthday or your 35 years of heeding the call of God. You have been a worthy example and a “Jesus-pattern”. You are all I never had in my father. I have gotten the core of manhood from you. GOD HAS GIVEN ME A GIFT IN YOU!

Thank you for accepting and taking me as a son. Your commitment to my destiny is rare, I can only pray and labour to live up to your investments in my life. Ma pe fun yin o!

Happy Birthday, FATHER!
Happy Birthday, DAD!
Happy Birthday to the DC EAGLE!
Happy Birthday to you, Sir!

– Your Son, Tunde Aramide

Babatunde Aramide
May 12, 2018

To God be the glory

To God be the glory for the gift of an anointed father per excellence to us in the dream city. I settled down in church in January 2012, while my wife had joined earlier in year 2011. We had been believing God for the fruit of the womb for a couple of years before settling down. When I was welcomed as a first timer in my church branch, the Pastor encouraged me and others to settle down in church and in three months if something definite does not happen our lives that we were free to leave church, that so much confidence dazed me and I decided to watch what was gonna happen. To cut the long testimony short, I attended GOBC 2012 (the first time in my adult life that I will travel to attend a church meeting), I arrived Osogbo on Saturday while my wife had been there since the first day (I couldn’t imagine myself being in a church convention for 8days – the devil was cheating me). So on Sunday when we went to greet daddy as a church, he asked who my wife and I were?, and our pastor spoke to his ear and daddy said he kept seeing “light around us” throughout the service and he prayed for our church and we all left. To the Glory of God, that same month of July my wife got pregnant of our first child. The devil came after my wife during and after delivery but daddy and mummy were there for us until we got victory.
My wife got pregnant again in 2015 but had a “missed abortion” so it was evacuated and was taking time to conceive again until in 2017 while we were online for May WGATAP service mummy made a call after daddy’s ministration for expectant mums and those who wanted more babies. My wife went out for the ministration and to the Glory of God “it clicked” and we have a second child now. Thank you daddy for heeding to the call of God. Happy birthday daddy!

Adetunji Ogunkoya
May 12, 2018



June 12, 2011, on a Sunday in the Akungba DC, God joined me to the chariot of destiny you were called to ride and you yielded to ride in joyful pains, costly sacrifice and kindred rejection but filled with doggedness and diligence.

As you began a ride into the unknown Canaan, YOU GAVE ALL! It was unto the unknown greatness!

Daddy! I have been the main receiver of the contents of the high Call of Jesus on you being a passenger in the chariot of destiny you were called to ride. Since I joined the Ministry in June 12, 2011, my sense of accuracy has been greatly trained, my doctrines straightened and right values for life and destiny acquired.

I’m too proud to be one of yours in destiny. It gives me great joy when people say: ” you look like Rev. AREOGUN, your father.” Thank you for yielding Daddy! It was unto the unknown greatness! Happy birthday to my own very father!!!

Bankole Akinfolarin
DC Ikeja.

Bankole Akinfolarin
May 12, 2018

I got a new job in a better place

I joined the church at a very critical moment of my life when it appears that nothing was working for me. I was completely humiliated in my place of work for almost 8 years on the same position even with my PhD. Daddy prayed for me after telling him my story. To the glory of God, I got a new job in a better place. In fact, dream City is an escape for me. Thank you daddy.

Dr. M.O. Oyetunji
May 12, 2018

God is FAITHFUL! God joined

God is FAITHFUL! God joined me to church after giving my life to Christ from a Muslim background. I came in with a lot of baggage, wrong programming and knowledge! Thank God for the undiluted Words that started coming and the washing began. One major thing that has helped me in my walk is Daddy and Mummy’ teaching on Quiet time, reality of hearing God personally. I was delivered from inferiority complex etc. I met my husband through the ministry, got pregnant without an operation after a diagnosis,had a painless delivery within 3hours of being admitted in the labor ward( one of the nurse said ” you are a first timer, you will give birth tomorrow, you haven’t started screaming yet) These are summary of some of what I have enjoyed in this great family!

Thank you Daddy for giving to the Lord!!
Happy Birthday Daddy.

Gbemi Alo
May 12, 2018

Thank you Daddy for yielding

Thank you Daddy for yielding to the call and giving to the Lord. The covenant surely works! In June last year, our flat was robbed during the night. The robbers came in through the window of the room opposite mine and left through the main door so they had access to virtually everything. I was in my room with the keys on the outside but God hindered them from coming in or taking anything that belonged to me. I thank God for the covenant of Divine Exemption!

Ajayi Adebisi
May 12, 2018

The convenient in the house

The convenient in the house has been my port ion and that of my brothers and sister. Their was one service that daddy said we should call pray for them that they won’t die I called all of them at far away Canada my younger brother escaped exposition he said he just had the impression to stand up from the lab he worked as soon as he left a bomb went off many people were injured but he escaped on armex

Mrs Olutayo Amoko
May 12, 2018

I settled down in church

I settled down in church 2015 January, I came to church broken and frustrated but on settling down, I settled into purpose, my two sisters became born again through this call and are settled in church. They were called from frivolity into purpose. Thank you daddy for paying the price t o carry the call.

Idowu Olajumoke folasade
May 12, 2018

Happy birthday Daddy!Words cannot express

Happy birthday Daddy!

Words cannot express the joy of this awesome privilege; seeing that the Lord had me in mind and called you Daddy, a year after my arrival on this planet to father me into His ordained destiny for me. I count it a HUGE HONOUR Sir!


I give glory to the FAITHFUL FATHER for leading me to you my father, my father!

Happy birthday my Daddy!

#UpHolyGhost #AwesomeGod #FaithfulFather

Dorcas Adeola Amoo
May 12, 2018


During my training into the ministry under Daddy, I was made the project supervisor of the building project in Ilesa Osun State, and at the stage of working on interior furniture of the building, I finished work that night and I headed my way towards Osogbo to give my report for the day and to attend my all night prayer, but as I alighted from the commercial bus that took me to Osogbo from Ilesa, I realised I have lost the keys to the whole building which were the keys for not less than 15 imported doors, worth close to hundreds of thousands that time. I began to search for the keys at around 9:30pm that night, until I got the call from Daddy asking why I haven’t return for the day. Then I gathered the courage to tell him what has happened. He then told me to come home, when I got home that night, I thought by next morning I will be on my way out, and that will be the end of my training, because I have failed in a major duty entrusted in my care.
But instead, that night after I got home and I explained how it happened. Daddy asked me to go get my food which was prepared by Mummy. I said to myself “Yomi your punishment has been shifted till tomorrow, there is nothing you can do, you are on your way out of here”. Anyway I eat the food that night, though I couldn’t feel the taste not because the food was not sweet but the guilt that I was feeling from what happened has cover the taste of the food. The next morning it was Daddy’s voice that woke me up at around 5:30am. I heard him calling me as usual “Yomi” I jumped up from my sleep and said to myself, at last your judgement has come, you’re on your way out, you have messed up your opportunity with simple carelessness. But when I came out of the room, I met Daddy holding a very superb quality Navy blue suit jacket in his hands, and I greeted Daddy, good morning Daddy, he replied, good morning, TAKE THIS SUIT, IT IS FOR YOU, and get ready for the work of today.
I lost words to say, I expected a judgement, but I got a forgiveness, I expected a punishment but I got a gift. After that morning gift, Daddy never mentioned anything about the issue again. On my own I tried everything to recollect the missing keys but all my efforts yielded no result. Though there were spare keys but Daddy who never take anything for granted, decided to remove all the imported locks and bought the new ones and I supervised how each of the lock were changed again, worth close to hundreds of thousand, because I can’t remember specifically the amount now because the day is few years ago now, but it is around that. By the virtue of the mercy I received from Daddy that day, I received a grace on myself, it was a transfer of the Spirit of forgiveness. From that time till now, no matter what anyone do to me, I never find it difficult at all to forgive and let go.
This is just one out of very many things I have received from the ministry of my father Reverend Olusola Areogun, thank you Daddy for heeding the call of God, am so blessed to be your son, you are a great blessing to us, God shall keep you for us, we shall be sons that we bring you joy in Jesus name. Honestly speaking I ALWAYS LOVE TO CALL YOU DADDY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU DADDY.
Rev. Oluwayomi Eniola

Rev Oluwayomi Eniola
May 12, 2018

I want to appreciate God’s

I want to appreciate God’s faithfulness for the ministry of my father Rev. Olusola Ayodele Are gun, for his great impact on my life and destiny. And for his undiluted preaching of the truth over the years, my life has been experience of upward and forward journey. Thank you daddy for yielding to the call. O. A

Akinola William Oyeniyi
May 11, 2018

My life has taken a

My life has taken a 360-degree turn since I came under my Father’s Shepherding staff. I was a slave to my contemporaries, and to my younger ones; I was suicidal, depressive, unproductive , just a total ZERO; but since THE LORD JOINED me to church on June 12, 2016, the structure , teachings, and ministrations have wiped off suicidal thoughts; I have had the best result in my PGD class three times! I have businesses I am building, I have grown more beautiful, my life is REBORN!
I BLESS GOD that Daddy ANSWERED THIS PRECIOUS CALL OF GOD three years before I was born. GOD had me in mind when He created Daddy, and I AM ETERNALLY GRATEFUL!

Ogunleye Patricia Abiola
May 11, 2018

The ministry of Daddy Areogun

The ministry of Daddy Areogun has been of tremendous impact to me in destiny, as a young man on campus I came across the ministry of Daddy Areogun, and by the Grace of God, I have learnt so much from the teachings of Daddy, which helped me to navigate into the purpose of God for my life that I am wholly connected to now. I celebrate God’s Grace on Daddy Areogun’s life…

Joshua Adeyekun
May 11, 2018

God has been faithful to

God has been faithful to me in that I learnt what is true strength from my father. That no matter how challenges of life seems to be, just keep moving on, to be resilience.

Obe Olasunkanmi
May 11, 2018

17. Daddy, as I came out

17. Daddy, as I came out to thank God for His faithfulness, I remembered that my family trusted Him for a child after over 3 yrs of waiting, doctors have collected our monies all in the name of tests but Daddy gave an instruction to embark on 21 days fasting, prayer & breaking of bread, my wife got pregnant without her knowing & had a baby in December. Not only that, I got promoted at work. Thank you Daddy for heeding the call.

May 11, 2018

Daddy, on Wednesday at Living

Daddy, on Wednesday at Living by the Answer, I received my healing when you said someone was having a pain at the back of his leg like muscle and that was my experience and from that moment, I didn’t feel the pain again. I am glad that I am a beneficiary to your yieldedness to the God’s calling. Glory be to God.

May 11, 2018

Good morning my father. When

Good morning my father. When I heard that 2014 prayer & fasting will be starting September, I was so happy. Why? Because last year sir, you said that we should pray against CONTAGIOUS DISEASE. When you said it, I felt different. Then I sent it to my mother, friends and everyone that are connected to me. So when the issue of EBOLA came up, I called my mum and asked her if she still remembers the prayer point. She said she still has it on her phone. The fear of EBOLA didn’t catch me because God is always ahead of the devil. Thank you sir for yielding to the call.

A.A DC 2, Oshogbo
May 11, 2018


Km. 4 Gbongan-Osogbo Express Way,
Dream Centre Bus stop Osogbo, Nigeria.