From our Father's Heart (16/04/2017)

  • 16 April 2017 |

Dearly Beloved

Let God lighten your candle. Never joke with your intimacy with God. No matter how busy you get, don't lose your time with Jesus. Intimacy with the Lord is so vital to your walking and living in the experiences of the believer in life. Intimacy is personal. Though available, intimacy is self-generated; no one can do it for you, you must do it yourself. It is self-cultivated and deliberate.

From our Father's Heart (02/04/2017)

  • 09 April 2017 |

Dearly Beloved 


Don’t just participate in life, strife to be a master. A master is someone who can control the unexpected and still achieve the pre-plan. Don’t come under the turbulent control of the situations and circumstances of life. Take strength, wisdom and grace from God’s Spirit and presence so as to operate above all the works of men and hell. 

Seven Scriptural Prayers for Victorious Children

  • 23 March 2017 |

Text : 1 Samuel 2:22; Genesis 13:7-14, Genesis 39:21; Psalms 46:7, 11; 91:1-16

There are 7 prayer points that I have found to be very important, that will help preserve your children if they are to become victorious in life regardless of whether they are old or young.

From our Father's Heart (29/01/2017)

  • 29 January 2017 |

Dearly beloved,

You must operate in the glory by prophecy this year. This is a house of prophecies and there are a lot added unto us in the ongoing 84 days fasting and prayers. You must wrap your life with them and let them decide your experiences in 2017.

Father's Heart (15/01/2017)

  • 15 January 2017 |

Dearly beloved,

Take note of the following things that you must take along as you go into 2017:

1. The Sword of the Spirit: Load yourself with words from God as you are going into the year. Whatever your work is―a doctor, a banker, a business man―load yourself with words from God.

Father's Heart (08/01/2017)

  • 07 January 2017 |

Dearly beloved,

It is 2017 Mercy! The Lord has spoken expressly to us concerning this year and there has been rain of Impartations upon us. All these impartations and Covenants will mark your life this year despite the situation around you. There might be evil reports but you must hold fast to the words that God has given us in the house for this year.


  • 01 January 2017 |

However as we move into the new year, I want to encourage you STAY IN YOUR PLACE!. DETERMINE to stay in your place. There    will    be   battles   of   replacement     and displacement  but you must stay in your place.   Hold your ground don't give up or give in to the enemy. The bible says in the book of proverbs 27:8, "like a bird that wanders out of it's nest so is a man who wanders out of his place" there  is  a place  called 'your  place',

Who is Genuinely Saved

  • 31 December 2016 |

Introduction: Knowing whether one is saved is a major question everyone needs to answer on this earth and on time. This is one of the questions that no other man can answer as much as the person involved. They young and the aged, male and female, white and black, learned and illiterate etc all need to answer this singular question of life – I’m I genuinely saved?

Patience with Divine Working

  • 30 December 2016 |


There is a patience that we need with God. God requires constancy in what you are doing for Him. Impatience disrupts the work of God in the lives of his people.Impatience can cause a person to make avoidable mistakes. There is a patience that we must allow for God to do all that He intends to do in us, with us and through us. You can’t write all the books that God has placed in your spirit in one year; that is not possible so you need to exercise patience.

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